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what I got for christmas! || 2021 πŸ’•

hiya!! it’s maggie here, bringing you one more christmas post before it’s too late. πŸ˜‚

today I’m showing you what I got for christmas!!

so this one’s an unintentional gift lol! josh already got a pop socket for his birthday the day before, so when he got this on christmas he was like hey maggie, wanna pop socket? 🀣 except it didn’t really stick to my silicone case, and now one of the girls has lost it 😐 lol it’s VERY pretty!! once i find it, i’ll probably put it with my electronic stuff just cuz…

edit: YAAAs i found it in the corner of the living room!

samuel got me BABY YODAAAA!!! he’s so cute, and i’ve actually thought about buying this stuffed animal before when i saw it at the store! so it’s perfect πŸ˜πŸ’š i can’t wait to do some photoshoots!

LOOKIE LOOKIE! josh got me an fao narwhal! it lights up and makes magic noises when you give it pats 😍 right now, its home is on my bed by the pillows! oh and i named her estella!

so, here’s the funny thing: this isn’t even my gift. and i didn’t get to eat any of it. πŸ˜‚ for a few hours, i accidentally thought i found this in my stocking lol!! but it was actually one of the girls’ so… yup i found out after the photoshoot haha

my mom got me a super cute calendar!!

aww look at these 😍 (especially october’s haha) i can’t wait to put this up and decorate the rest of my wall!

elizabeth got me an umbrella!! which is really great, because now i’m excited about setting up a travel bag that has different helpful ‘on the road’ things, like an umbrella, hair brush, insulated bag, etc 😍 lmk if you’d like to see a post of what’s in my travel bag!

my mom gave me this in my stocking!! i’m excited to try it, and the mug is sooo pretty! 🀩 (ooh should i do a post reviewing the hot cocoa?)

this is actually a present i bought for samuel, but he said i could set it up in my room lol!! i might take him up on it when i finish redecorating my room 😌

my mom got me this keychain lanyard! it’s cute and i love the colors!

ahhhh christmas candy elves!! the chocolate is really good 😍 speaking of these elves… *grabs one* haha

izzy bought me this game! it’s funny because i bought her a peppa pig trouble game, then she got me this lol! we haven’t played it yet but i LOVE how tiny the game board is 😍

the last thing is this adorable pen my mom got! it’s really cute and will go perfectly with how i’m setting up my room.

thanks for reading! i loved opening all these gifts and seeing the reactions of my family members when they saw what i got for them. i hope you had a very merry christmas!

let me know what you
got for christmas
in the comments!

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