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get yourself ready for 2022!

hey there!! welcome back to maggie’s doodles πŸ’“

I don’t know about you, but I’m having a lot of fun making new year plans! 😍 thinking about the upcoming months and making goals, big and small, is fun and exciting. getting to check things off my mental and paper to do lists (πŸ˜‚) feels SO good!!

but you know what I realized? no one (or at least, very few people) talk about getting ready for the new year. it’s like BAM january, time to be someone I’m not! 🀣

what if we took a couple weeks (or more!) to outline, prepare, think through, and get excited about all the potential for the upcoming months? I think that’s way more attainable!

in this post, I share with you some ideas for 2022 prep! πŸ’• (and a random side note, how CUTE is that featured image)

by the way, I wrote most of the following list on a another day when my headspace was totally different, so prepare yourself for mixed vibes πŸ˜‚

get yourself ready
for 2022!

  • choose who you surround yourself with // there’s a quote that’s like ‘you’re the sum of the 5 people you spend the most time with.’ that’s HEAVY πŸ˜‚ or amazing news if you’re surrounded by epic, inspiring, encouraging people! and that includes famous people and online personalities, buddies. get real about who you’re following, talking to, and thinking about!
  • declutter! // doesn’t it feel amazing to check things off? c’mon, you know there are some random things you could do. delete some pics off your phone. donate that shirt that’s haunting your closet. πŸ‘» sort the paper that’s lying around your room. the new you is one decluttered item away!!
  • finish some things you’ve been needing to do // imagine going into 2022 without all those swirling thoughts that go, I need to do this, I still gotta do that, I was supposed to have already done this, I wish I was finished with that, etc! liiike 😍 it would be amazing for you to be able to focus on the fun new goals you’re achieving in January!
  • be intentional about social media // come up with the big picture reasons why you’re on different platforms! this will help you know that you’re using them the way you want to be, and you’ll also discover which ones you don’t want to be on.

think about what you are doing and if it’s in line with what you want to be doing. then make adjustments!

  • set the stage 😎✨ // you know how for a play, the players gotta rehearse, the props and sets are made, the costumes are fitted and sewn, the invitations are made, etc? you can’t expect to put on a play on the spot, having rehearsed nothing, and expect people to show up! πŸ˜‚ here are some life areas you can begin brainstorming how you want to approach them in 2022:
    • health & diet
    • fitness/lifestyle
    • blogging
    • school
    • work
    • relationships
    • makeup & beauty
    • fashion
    • organization & planning
    • finances & saving
  • browse around for new things // this is a great time to gather ideas, save things for later, and discover new things you can begin in january! then you won’t have to do all that once the new month begins. after you’ve identified your big and small goals for 2022, use that information to find new things, such as:
    • books you want to read
    • videos you want to watch
    • courses you want to take
    • music you want to listen to
    • channels you want to watch
    • movies/TV shows you want to watch
    • posts you want to write
    • hobbies you want to start
    • places you want to go
    • things you want to try
    • apps you want to use

thanks for reading!! 2022’s gonna be an amazing year, I can feel it 😍

let’s chat!
how are you getting ready for the new year?
did you find this post inspiring?

13 thoughts on “get yourself ready for 2022!”

  1. Hey Maggie! I haven’t been checking my wordpress for the past month or so and I’ve missed all of your recent posts πŸ˜₯ But I think this is a great idea!
    Love the new background for the website btw πŸ’—


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