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mortimer rates our christmas decor!

Since Christmas is almost here,
I bring you more festive cheer! 🎄

Hi guys! This is a real quick introduction because Mortimer (my squishmallow Christmas mouse 😂❤️) is going to take over for this post! I hope you enjoy!!

mortimer rates our
christas decor!

Hey guys!! I’m Mortimer the Mouse! But you can call me Morty 😄 Maggie asked me to rate her family’s Christmas decor! That will be so festive, and since Christmas is in TWO DAYS 🤩 I, of course said yes!

Let’s begin!

LOOK! An advent tree!! 😍 I love it. It’s sparkly, and Santa would love it, too! I’d show him right now, but Christmas is almost here so he’s very busy. So many of the ornaments are just perfect!! Although, there isn’t a mouse one.

And look!! There’s one ornament left! And it says Merry Christmas!

I give it 4.5/5 stars, since there’s not a mouse. 😂 Otherwise it’s incredible!

Look at these felt guys! There’s an elf, Santa Claus, and a snowman. Still no mouse… ok I’ll quit saying that 😂😂 I give these guys 4/5 stars! They’re very festive and bring holiday cheer to the living room!

This Santa is over Isabella’s bed! I like the GLITTER. And look at the little teddy bear! 3/5 stars!

Izzy and Elizabeth made these Christmas trees! 4/5 stars, girls! You did a great job!

So this is a Christmas shoe box! *Maggie starts whispering to me* Oh, nevermind. I saw red and thought it was Christmas decor 😂 2/5 stars for not being very festive…

I found their CHRISTMAS TREE! 🎄✨✨ this bauble is a very pretty shade of green!

And there’s a red glittery sparkly one 😍

Ahhh!! The star on top!

Let’s play ‘spot the Morty’!

And here’s the tree skirt! It’s a beautiful velvety red. And very cozy, I think I could take a nap here…

I give the tree 1 star overall since there’s one on top 😏😂 jk jk. 5 stars!!!

Aw! Look at this little Christmas tree I found on the wall in the hall! (Hey that rhymed!) I like the little snowflakes and the red ornaments. 4/5 stars!

LOOK, WRAPPING PAPER 😎😎 the elves dream about it all year long!

GIFTS GIFTS GUYS I FOUND GIFTS! 5/5 stars for love and Christmas cheer! 🎄❤️

Maggie bought this Santa basket last year!

Me and all my festive friends fit in it! It’s kinda cramped, but still fun! 4.5/5 stars

So I found out that Maggie made some gift tags for her family! Aww that was sweet! The colors are pretty and I love the different designs! 4.5/5 stars from me!

Here’s one of my favorite things! Maggie’s little sisters have these beautiful winter blankets 😍❤️ this is Elizabeth’s! The snowflakes are so fun, which gets the blanket a 5/5 star rating!

And here’s Izzy’s! The polka dots are fun and it’s just as cozy and soft as Elizabeth’s blanket. 4.5/5 stars!

Ok that’s everything! Let’s see how many stars you and your family get Maggie… *calculates* 50 points! Woohoo guys! You did an awesome job decorating for Christmas! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Awesome Morty!! You stole the show! 😂❤️ (well I did give it to you haha)

This was such a fun post to help with! Thanks for reading, I hope it’s gotten you even more excited for Christmas 🎄

Which decoration was your favorite?
What are you most excited about for Christmas Day?

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