christmas doodle lyrics ❤ // deck the halls, jingle bell rock, and christmas tree farm!

A doodle lyrics post
not on a Sunday? 😂 whoa haha

Hey guys! Happy Christmas Eve Eve Eve! *wait I can’t say that haha* Today I bring you some festive holiday cheer! This morning, I made THREE Christmas doodle lyrics!! 😍 I’m almost as busy as Santa’s elves, haha 🎄 and I also wrapped presents this morning!

Ooh I just realized I made enough Christmas doodle lyrics for the 3 days left till Christmas! Eee!

It’s obvious I’m excited haha, so let’s check out the doodles!

I wanted to make Deck the Halls because it’s one of my favorite Christmas carols, but a huge thank you to Zoe for requesting Jingle Bell Rock, and to Prashansa and Diamond for requesting Christmas Tree Farm!

I hope you guys enjoy!!

🎄 christmas doodle lyrics 🎄

Ahh I love how these turned out!! 😍 it felt so festive haha, and of course they’re adorable!

Now for some behind-the-scenes!

I had the idea to put the ‘fa la la la la’ part from Deck the Halls between the rest of the lyrics, which ended up looking so pretty!

Thanks to Google clipart for teaching me how to draw jingle bells 😂 (is it weird that this is my first time drawing bells?) The snow in the 3rd doodle for Jingle Bell Rock is SO adorable! (welp… I’m not sure if that’s how you spell bushel lol)

I’ve never jingle hopped before, so I wasn’t sure how to draw them dancing it haha!

I got so excited when I started listening to Christmas Tree Farm to doodle it! I was like I can doodle all of this! haha

I drew something else for the first time today: city traffic! I took inspiration from this particular bend in the interstate in Atlanta that’s always backed up (ok most of the time 🤣) and I think I did a pretty good job with it!

How do ya like my TV static? 😏

I had fun writing the headings for all three songs! Writing the song titles then “doodle edition” under them was fun 💚

That’s all for today! I hope you enjoyed seeing these doodles and listening to the songs! Let’s get in the Christmas spirit! 😍

Which doodle was your favorite?

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