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end of the year blogging break 🎄😂

Hey guys! So I have some news. 😂 (yeah I know the title gives it away)

I’m taking a blogging break. By that I mean, Doodlemas will continue through December 25th! So nothing’s going to change with that.

But I’ve been working on so much behind the scenes that I need some mental time off from writing new posts. My writing voice is uh… all over the place? And the inSANE thing is, I have a lot of post ideas! So inspiration’s not the problem. I’m quite inspired 🤚😌🤚 lol!

When it comes to creative energy, I’m on ‘E’ and have been for a couple days. so I’m gonna take some time to game, prepare for the holidays, enjoy the end of the year, and along the way, enjoy putting blogging decisions aside for now.

I love you guys and you’ll most definitely hear from me again soon! ❤️❤️

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