snapshots from my week | bob and larry, new sharpies, and my new hoodie!


Hello guys! Welcome back to Maggie’s Doodles. ✨ I got a couple new things this week I’m SO excited about! (which are disclosed in the title hehe)

I have twenty minutes before this post is supposed to go up, so let’s go!

My mom got me new Sharpies!! Definitely as an early Christmas present, because I found them at a store and ran them over to her and said “I need these 😍” haha! So thanks Mom! MORE DOODLE LYRICS incoming 😎✨

We’ve explored some new cities lately! We had fun walking on some unused train tracks.

WOOK! I made Bob and Larry! 😂 Elizabeth and Izzy have loved watching Veggie Tales recently, so we’ve been having a lot of fun talking about the characters and making puppets, characters, etc.

Behind-the-scenes! 😏👏 (for this post) I loved using my new Sharpies to write the lyrics! And adding the little dude from the 1st scene to the 3rd scene? #exitingthecomfortzone haha it was a fun challenge! That featured image was fun to make 💛

How cute is the sloth on this GoGurt- I mean, SloGurt 😎 – packaging? haha!

I also got this desk calendar!! (that I have on my bookshelf lol) I LOVE IIIIIT it goes so well with my decorative pinapple!

A closer look 😍 and yes I took this pic yesterday lol! (*realizes I haven’t updated it for today*)

I have worked on art projects with Samuel and the girls! I love doing activities with them and have a Christmas playlist on in the background. Sooo festive! 🎄

Samuel and I like riding in the backseat on roadtrips and having fun joking around!

TA-dAAA!!! I got this beautiful new hoodie! 😍💖 it has gorgeous colors, is nice and thick, and I’m obsessed with it.

Thanks so much for reading!

Which picture/s were your favorite?
What did you do last week?

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