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reacting to blogmas redesigns! {new podcast episode}

I love surprising
my buddies! 😂❤💚

Hey guys! Welcome back to Maggie’s Doodles ✨ I thought it would be really fun to react to you guys’ Blogmas redesigns! 😍

I’ve done something similar like this on my podcast before (where I surprised you with blog reviews), so this is the festive version of that haha!

How it works is I’m going to check out people’s blogs and chat about their Christmas/winter blog designs on my podcast. Just like last time, I’ve included a list below of the blogs I mention in order on the podcast! You can follow along and check out all their festive Christmas cheer with me 😂👍

Click here to visit my podcast channel page! If you’re viewing my blog directly, the feed is below:

reacting to
blogmas redesigns!

bloggers I mention:

Thanks for listening and reading! I loved seeing how you guys decorated for the holidays 🤩

Let’s chat!
Aren’t these redesigns amazing?
Did you enjoy listening to my podcast?

19 thoughts on “reacting to blogmas redesigns! {new podcast episode}”

  1. Hi Maggie! I haven’t even started hearing you but I know it’s gonna be awesome!! And you’ll review me!! Woww!! Thank youu so much!! But the issue is I can’t find your podcast episode for reviewing bloggers winter design.

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