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maggie’s reviews: going to jack’s for the 1st time!

I’ve found my
new favorite fries 😂

Hey guys! Welcome back to Maggie‘s Doodles. Today I’m reviewing a fast food restaurant I’ve never been to before! (Well this was the first time😂 obviously) My family and I went to Jack’s!

It’s based out of Alabama, and they’re slowly building locations in Georgia. I was excited to see what their food is like!

The dining room looked very nice! I like that there are round tables as well instead of just booths, or rectangular tables.

Here’s our yummy food!

The employees we spoke to were very helpful and welcoming, which was also nice!

Elizabeth was very happy to be here 😂❤ she enjoyed her kid’s meal, especially the little Rice Krispie treat they included!

Samuel enjoyed his food, too! I think his favorite part was trying different sodas, haha.

Izzy thought it was great that there was a TV in the dining room! She liked her food but ended up yoinking my biscuit since her food was too hot, lol. (Or so she says…👀)

Mikey came with us today! He’s Elizabeth’s chipmunk. He’s very cute and photogenic.

Here’s Samuel making his drink! 😂

Here’s Izzy cheesing 😂

Alright, time to review my food! I tried the chicken tenders meal with fries, a biscuit, and mashed potatoes.

Here are my ratings:

chicken tenders: 8/10
fries: 9.5/10
mashed potatoes: 6/10
biscuit: 8.5/10
honey mustard: 8.5/10

The fries were SO good!! Definitely my favorite part 🤩

Here I am trying Samuel’s drink concoction. He did the thing where you get a little bit of every soda and see what they taste like together. This one tasted like a weird diet Coke/Hi-C mix 😤😂

It was so fun to eat at Jack’s and share what I thought about it with you! (thanks to Sam for the above pic!)

Let’s chat!
Have you ever eaten at Jack’s?
Which fast food places
should I try next?

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