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meet my new holiday squishmallows!!!

I couldn’t resist 😍😍

Hey guys!! I hope you’re having a BEAUTIFUL day. This is the post I’ve been wanting to write for a few weeks! πŸŽ„

While shopping at Kroger (a grocery store), I passed the holiday section. They always have great seasonal stuff, but what I wasn’t expecting to see were BOXES of SQUISHMALLOWS!!!

I’ve been looking for mini Squishmallows for months, but I couldn’t find them anywhere in store. They were only online and extremely overpriced. So finding them in store?? A Christmas miracle πŸ˜πŸ˜‚

I’m so happy to introduce all of them to you today!

This is Mortimer, but everyone calls him Morty! He loves this time of year, as he gets to decorate and eat amazing food! He’s dressed up like a nutcracker because that’s his part in the play he’s in this December.

This is Angel! She’s very chill and peaceful. She encourages everyone to enjoy December and have a merry Christmas!

Here’s Snowball! All his friends call him Snowy πŸ˜‚ His favorite thing about Christmastime is dressing up like a Christmas tree with a star on top!

Meet Bernard the Elf! He’s the jokester of the group and loves hanging out with Snowy. When he’s not eating Christmas cookies or making toys, Bernard is making his friends laugh or taking a nap!

Look! It’s Santa Claus!! Christmas is obviously his favorite time of year, and he loves bringing people gifts they’ll love.

This is Gnome! He’s Santa’s right-hand man. They love working at the North Pole together! Gnome’s favorite thing to do is make cozy pajamas and blankets for people around the world to stay nice and warm in. His favorite thing in the world is his snowflake hat!

Ahh I’m so glad all these new little Squishmallows get to be part of my blog this month!! 😍

Thanks for reading!

Let’s chat!
Which squishmallow do you
relate to the most?

(for me, it’s a cross between
Morty and Bernard haha)
Are there any posts
you’d like to see them in?

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