{ d o o d l e m a s } day 2 – evergreen

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โ›„ day 2 ๐ŸŽ

Maryanne went to a Christmas tree farm with her dad today! They worked together to find the perfect tree, and this is the one they decided on. Not too big, not too small – just right!

Do you have a fake tree or a real tree?
Let’s chat in the comments!

28 thoughts on “{ d o o d l e m a s } day 2 – evergreen”

  1. Because our indoor cat took down our real tree back in 1968, we never put up a tree again. Fast forward to 2021, when I found a three foot fake tree, already decorated with white lights in a junk shop. So, long story short, this year we have a fake tree and all the ornaments people gave us over the years are on it. Every ornament has a story behind it. So far, Freesia is not interested in it. LOL

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