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fall collage swap 🌻 ft. heidi!

Ahh Blogmas starts tomorrow!
This is a fun way to end November 😍

Hey guys! Welcome back to Maggie’s Doodles. I’m completing this month by doing a collab with a lovely blogger I know! Her name is Heidi. She has a really fun blog where she shares posts about her life, awesome monthly holidays, and more! I enjoy reading her posts and I’d definitely recommend stopping by her blog.

Today we did a fall collage swap! How it works is in my post, I took pictures from Heidi’s photography post (here) and made collages and edits with them! She did the same thing with pictures from my blog. You can read her post here!

So all the pictures you see in this post were taken by Heidi. She’s an awesome photographer!

Let’s see how I designed her beautiful photography!

fall collage swap 🌻
ft. Heidi!

Thanks for reading! And thanks for doing this with me Heidi! 😍

See you tomorrow for DOODLEMAS/BLOGMAS!!! πŸŽ„

Which collage/edit was your favorite?
Which season is your favorite?

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