snapshots from my week(s) | butterflies, pumpkins, and sunsets

Because I gotta get caught up,
one way or another 🌝😂

Hey guys! Welcome back to Maggie’s Doodles. It’s an unseasonable hour to receive a post from me lol, but I have a reason for that! It’s Monday (ka-dur lol) and I’m a bit behind on Snapshots, among other things. *notices my other priorities staring at me**blinks**runs* So I’m working on getting caught up! I’ve also been sick, so that’s taken me down for the count… *cough* I’m finding ways to be productive, as you can see. 😂

I’m writing this post from my phone, which should be interesting! I find that the device I write from changes my writing voice. So actually I think since I’m typing this on my phone, this post will sound more like I’m texting you instead of writing a post to you. Hey! I might have unlocked the way to write more authentically 😂 (one of the many things I’ve been working on)

Let’s go! There’s lots of pics to enjoy perusing.

I’m gonna write this Snapshots with the latest photos first! That’ll be a change from the way I usually do it. My mom got me this mocha Frappuccino today! It was very tasty and I enjoyed it. Thanks Mom! 😊

Whoa- look at this sunset!! I was absolutely entranced and couldn’t stop taking pictures. Most of them include road signs though, so for privacy’s sake I’m just sharing this one 😂🧡

Izzy’s such a cutie! She and I have had fun hanging out on my bed playing games. It’s been special for just the two of us to vibe.

I tried a vanilla cone from Freddy’s! And OH my goodness – incredible. 🤍 Totally recommend it!

For Halloween we went to a trunk-or-treat! It was pretty fun but there wasn’t much for teens and adults to do; the rides and candy were for the kids, lol. I did get to ride one spinny ride with Samuel and that was fun!

Here’s me with my jack-o-lantern! This was the first time in years that I carved a pumpkin and I really enjoyed it. 🎃🧡 my mom took some funny pictures of me with him 😂

These candy pretzels are SO autumn-y! I knew I had to take some pictures of them as soon as I saw them 😂 and they’re tasty too!

Look at this oil spill I found at work! I’ve never seen one like this before. And there were multiple ones on the pavement lol.

I went out with my dad to the store one day, and we got McDonalds for lunch! I tried the Quarter Pounder Deluxe, which is REALLY good I recommend it. And a medium fry as well!

Here’s my Halloween outfiiiiiit! I was a Monarch burger 🦋 (LOL autocorrect 😂🍔) – butterfly! I loved this costume so much! Thanks to my mom for the pics 🧡

Lol I took this pic during the photography challenge I did with Charlie 😂

I took some pics with Waves! I love her and it’s been a while since I photographed her. She’s so chill.

Her scales (haha- sequins) are so pretty!


She’s also sneaky…

Did I mention crazy? 😂💙

Interesting picture of Izzy chilling eating a snack!

I tried a new flavor of Sprite! I can’t say I loved it (I mean it was pretty good), but I adore this picture 😍🧡 haha

Thanks for reading!
Which picture/s were your favorite?
What have you been up to lately?

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