fall photoshoot part one 🍁 // a collection of my favorites!

I’ve never been
so excited
about a photoshoot before!! 😍

Every year, for about two weeks in November, autumn is in full swing!

It’s my absolute favorite time of year: I get to bring out my little jacket collection, the air is cooling off after the very humid summer, there’s a gentle breeze (and some days, a wind lol), and the leaves are beautiful warm colors. The sunlight is also wonderful because the atmosphere is changing from hot to cold, so you can more easily see the rays of sunlight through the trees, which creates a really cool effect!

Since this awesome fall-themed window is only around for those fourteen days or so, I always take as many pictures as I can. I told my mom a couple days ago that I would love to plan an outing just to take fall pictures! Other years, I’ve taken pics wherever I am, but I didn’t go on specific photoshoots. This year, I felt very inspired to do that!

So my mom helped and suggested a shooting location, and yesterday, on one of our family outings, she drove around and let me take pictures in different beautiful nature spots. Thanks, Mom! ❤

I can’t wait to share all of the photos I got with you! 😍 I actually got 200+ pictures, so instead of trying to pick my top 25 favorites (which is impossible, because I love sooo many lol), I’m going to present them to you in four posts! I’ve categorized them like this:

  • part one // a collection of my favorites! (the ones I definitely want to chat about with you and were the highlights of the trip!)
  • part two // the pics I took before the trip (while waiting for my parents to get ready, I took a bunch of photos in our yard with my little siblings lol. they’re amazing too!)
  • part three // behind-the-scenes + funny moments (I wanted to spotlight the funny and weird things that happen between the pictures that make the cut!)
  • part four // making the collection complete! (the grand finale of photos that aren’t in the first three posts, but are awesome as well)

So get ready for a bunch of fall photography in your inbox, Reader, or wherever you read my posts! 🦋🍂🍂

I recommend reading this post on my blog from a laptop or computer. It won’t be supported as well on mobile.

a collection
of my favorites!

To start off this awesome series, I wanted to give an excited shoutout to my new phone!! I shot all these photos on my iPhone XR, and oh. my. goodness. I love photography more now than I used to before!!! The clarity, depth, and lighting that comes through on photos taken with this phone is insanely realistic.

I also have RookieCam to thank for the awesome Premium filters they recently added! Thank you RookieCam for making my photographer dreams come true 😎😂

Alright, back to the photos!

Wouldn’t this one make an amazing lockscreen? I think so!! (btw if you’d like to use any of these for a lockscreen, be my guest! I’d love that!) I got a bunch of photos of trees at a distance since most of the trees in that area were older, so later in the photoshoot I tried to also take pics of leaves up close.

Like this one! The photoshoot features a lot of landscape photography as well as nature photography with interesting subjects. I like to balance both so there’s a nice combination of landscapes and beautiful subjects!

This was actually one of the first photos I took! We stopped by this pond for a minute so I could get some water shots. (isn’t it beautiful how this photo features oranges and blues like the leaf photos? Those are the two primary colors from this photoshoot!)

I got so many of my pictures by holding my phone up to the sky and focusing on the trees lol! This one had a really interesting angle.

I seriously wanna get this one framed. 😍😍 like EEEEE I love it!!!

I asked Samuel to help me find some acorns so I could get a cute little picture of them. These are the chosen ones!

Another tree shot! I took a bunch from the trunk like this because the XR camera focuses so brilliantly!

This one looks SO MUCH like it did in real life, I can’t 😍

For some reason, this one makes me think a squirrel is probably up there, collecting acorns 😎😂

If anything rivals my love for fall photography, it’s the sky!! The blues, the sunlight, the clouds, the sunrises and sunsets – absolutely beautiful.

THIS PICTURE THO. I love photography with crisp lines!! Usually even lines, but this one’s just spectacular 🤩

Ahh. A picturesque pavilion!

A cool lake view! (idk why my narrations are getting shorter lol…)

Yay! Little white flowers!

I briefly remembered the name of these flowers, then I forgot again. lol. (care to inform me?)

Here’s the roof of that pavilion I mentioned earlier! I think this could make a cool book cover!

Another top favorite of mine from yesterday!! I love how the red leaves make a sort of curved shape, giving the photo a cool focal point 😍

More pretty leeeeeeaves! And look at that sky!

Look, some goosies. (I almost called them ducks.) They were chlling by the pretty water!

I told my mom I wanted to get a nice park bench photo, and this one’s the winner!

I took some different selfies, and this one’s my absolute favorite! 😍

Look at this amazing photo. I found a pink crocheted heart someone left in the cobblestone wall!

Another top favorite of mine! (gOsh I keep missclicking keys ecause my fingers are cold gah-) Look at how BEAUTIFULLY the camera focused on the texture of the stone! Like 😍 (I know, I’m using that emoji a lot hehe!)

Oh my goodneeeessss!! More pretty leaves!

WOW. I’m still in awe at the beauty of nature!

Let’s chat!
Did you have a favorite photo?
Are you loving this photoshoot so far?
Are you excited about the next three posts?

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