inktober 2021 // the grand finaleee! {week four prompts}

Oh goodness.
This is it!!

We’ve made it to the final week of #Inktober2021!! Thanks for following along, it’s been a blast 😍

(I’ve had a blast? It’s been a blast? Let’s go with both lol)

Let’s check out the final doodles! (for Inktober 2021, anyway 😂)

inktober 2021
week four

First we got Day 25 (not Day 24 lol), which is splat! I went with a Nickelodeon (yay I know how to spell it)-inspired-esque splat, which resembles their old splat logo (which I didn’t realize has been gone since 2009, and now I miss it – haha!). I also added turquoise because that’s my favorite color 😌

Day 26 is connect! It reminded me of different connect toys I played with when I was a kid, so I created something like that. I then filled in the blank spaces with complimentary colors for added effect.

As you can see, Day 27 (spark) is sparklyyyy!! I love sparklers. And this guy’s having so much fun with his 😂 (the spark turned out pretty cool tho 👀)

Then we got Day 28 crispy! My first thought was Rice Krispies, which if you don’t know is a type of cereal. I personally would never eat a bowl of this cereal, because they’re basically flavorless. (But they’re awesome if you make Rice Krispie TREATS!!)

My first idea for Day 29 (patch) was a strawberry patch! I used to love going and picking strawberries when I was a kid. Those strawberries tasted the best 😍

Day 30 is sliterrrrr! (minus all those ‘r’s lol) One uncommon fact about me is that I love snakes. While I have a healthy fear of the dangerous ones, I think tree snakes are cute and cool, and constrictors are pretty awesome. Anyway- back to the prompt! This snake turned out okay, but his body’s a little deformed. It’s alright though – he’s still happy!

And finally, our last prompt for this year: Day 31 (risk). I think of rock climbing as pretty risky, although some might disagree with me! The little multicolored rocks turned out so cute, and the guy seems to be having a great time, however risky the activity is haha.

isn’t my new desktop pad pretty? 🤩💕

Thank you so much for reading! It was so nice to do Inktober two years in a row. It’s crazy how much my art style has changed since last year, and it was great to incorporate using colored pencils with my doodles.

Love you guys! 😊

Let’s chat!
Which doodle was your favorite?
Did you do Inktober 2021?

29 thoughts on “inktober 2021 // the grand finaleee! {week four prompts}”

  1. So cute! Your style is a lot cuter than mine lol. I drew a rock climber for risk as well! We saw a guy outside climb up a rock without a rope, so I drew him. That was risky lol. (He’s still alive.)


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