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inspirational words + definitions ✨ // ft. Eesh!

Ahh this collab turned out
so pretty!!

Hi there! Welcome back to my blog 😄 Eesh from Bright Light Shine and I have done a fun collaboration today! He has a great blog and is a lot of fun to talk to. I always love seeing his digital art, which looks so cool! Click here to read his post!

For our collab, we’re sharing inspirational words and their definitions. For my part, I’ve handwritten the cool words I found (thanks Google! hehe) and taken pretty pics of all of them.

I hope you enjoy!

inspirational words + definitions ✨

(man, I really should have put what types of words those all were, because I’m not even sure how to use most of them in a sentence 👀😂) haha

Thanks for reading! I loved doing this collab with you Eesh, it was a lot of fun!

Let’s chat in the comments!
Which word was your favorite?

16 thoughts on “inspirational words + definitions ✨ // ft. Eesh!”

  1. Woowwwwwwww!🎉🥳🥳! This turned out awesome!! Thanks for collaborating with me!!!! Loved your designs!! My post is out-

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