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in which Charlie and I do a photography challenge πŸ“·

How cute is that
featured image tho!! 🀩

Hi guys! Thanks for being here on Maggie’s Doodles. This is the creative blog where I share photography, doodles, my hobbies, and more! Today I’ve done a collab with Charlie @ Charlie Forever! She’s a blogger I’ve just met and she’s really nice. I enjoy chatting with her and can’t wait to check out more posts from her blog!

This collab is a photography challenge πŸ“·βœ¨ in which we gave each other a list of prompts for things we have to take pictures of! I’ll share my photos in my post, and you can go by her blog to see her pics.

Let’s go!


Okay, the angle of this
one is perfection lol!!
This guy is in our entryway
and he’s one of my fave decorations.


These pumpkins were the perfect
subject! I had gone outside
to take the photo for
another prompt
when I stumbled upon
these. I was so happy!


Okay. This one’s cool,
but it didn’t turn out
exactly how I
wanted it to!
I used a colander
and a flashlight
to get this effect,
which was fun to
play around with!
(aside from blinding myself
a couple times lol…)


I’ve had this illustration
of Jesus with children
for a while now,
and I still love it!

eye of a fairy

I- I can explain!! πŸ˜‚

Charlie’s prompt was to ‘share pictures of stuff found in nature, then include yourself in the picture looking like a fairy or bug’! So I tried to do this in a very creative, alternate way by sharing sunset photography I got the other day with a teeny selfie of… myselfie. (I didn’t just do that-) I want to apologize for how unprofessional this thing looks haha – and I’m sorry Charlie that I wasn’t able to stay completely true to the prompt!

Anyway let’s do the outro while I’m still brave enough to post this collage lol

Thank you for reading!! I hope that last one gave you a good laugh and that you enjoyed this collab overall!

Let’s chat in the comments!
Which pic was your favorite?
Have you checked out Charlie’s blog?

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