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a spooky encounter ~ a cute stuffie story!

This collab was so much fun!

Hey guys! You’re reading ‘A Spooky Encounter,’ the latest post on Maggie’s Doodles. This is a spooky (but also G-rated!) story about a baby fox and a creepy time he had. We hope you enjoy reading it!

🎃 this is a collab with none other than Diamond from Build A Bears Furever! She’s an awesome inspiration and her photostories are so great. We swapped Halloween photostory ideas and this collab was the result! (read her post here) Thanks for doing this with me Diamond! 🎃

a spooky encounter

One October day, Slick the fox wanted to help Maggie get her doodling supplies. “I think she left them on the bed!” Slick said.

He searched for a second, and sure enough, there were her supplies! “Hooray! I gotta get these to Maggie.”

Slick started to take the supplies with him, but then he heard something. It sounded like a strange rustling in the storage closet! “That’s funny…” he said. “Well, not really, since I don’t like scary things. Something scary could be in there!”

Before Slick’s very eyes, a ghost popped out! And it said in a weird wobbly voice, “I’m gonna get yOoOu!

Slick started to run as fast as he could!

On the other side of Maggie’s bedroom, Angie and Lucy May were working on a project. They were setting up dragons for a Halloween display! “This is gonna look great,” Angie said with a smile.

“GUYS!! GUYS!!” Slick slid onto the scene and toppled over.

“Oh, dear! Slick!” They ran over and Lucy May helped Slick up. “Please tell us what’s happening!”

“Well,” Slick said slowly, but he was trembling all over. “I- uh-“

“Ate too much candy corn?” Angie’s smile was comical. “I can relate to those days.”

“No, Angie, I have a real problem!” Slick squeaked, and Lucy May laughed. “I saw- I saw a GHOST!!”

“I’m sure there’s a logical explana-” Angie began.

“There can’t be!” Slick interrupted. “You gotta go to Maggie’s bed and tell the ghost not to scare me again! It’s not nice!”

“I agree,” Lucy May said gently. “We’ll go with you and help.”

“Thank you!”

They went to Maggie’s bed and looked around. “This is where it happened!” Slick said very seriously.

“I don’t see anything…” Angie trailed off when she saw Lucy May’s look. “Yet,” she finished.

“It was in the closet,” Slick said, pointing a shaky paw in the general direction.

“Let’s see…” Angie walked over there.

“Be careful!” Slick squeaked.

Angie listened for a moment, then said: “I hear someone crying!”

A muffled sound came from the closet, then the door opened.

“AGH!!” all three stuffies yelled. There was the ghost!

“Oh, you guys!” a familiar voice said from the sheets. “I am so, SO happy to see you all!! Now you can help me!”

“First, you say sorry!” Slick squeaked, on his last thread of bravery.

“Sorry?” Now the spooky figure sounded confused.

“Janet? Is that you??” Angie started getting excited.

“Yes! Yay! You know who I am,” Janet cheered.

“My, did you scare us!” Lucy May said, shaking her head.

“I didn’t mean to! No, not at all!” The little ghost body shook from side to side. “Look, I got stuck in this costume while trying costumes on. I’m trying to figure out what I want to be for Halloween!”

Lucy May and Angie helped her out. “Whew! I’m glad that’s over,” Janet said with a sigh of relief. “I don’t want to be a ghost anymore!”

They all laughed, but Slick still looked scared… and a bit confused.

“Hey, Slick,” Janet asked softly, coming over. “You alright?”

“Well,” Slick sniffled, “I’d like to be. I got really scared, I thought you were gonna boogie me.”

“Boogie you?” Janet held back a smile.

“Yeah, like get me. Like a ghost. You said: I’m gonna get you!”

“Gonna get you?” Janet frowned, then she understood. “Oh- get you! I said ‘Slick is that you?’ Not ‘I’m gonna get you.’ I won’t get you – I care about you a lot!”

“I feel so much better!” said Slick. The two friends hugged, and Janet said she was sorry. Slick gave her a little smile.

A short while later, Angie and Lucy May went back to setting up dragons, and Janet and Slick joined them.

“Hey, maybe I could be a ghost for Halloween!” Slick said cheerfully.

“You’d like to be a ghost – after all that?” Lucy May asked, smiling fondly at Slick.

“Sure, maybe! It is pretty spooky,” he replied. He made his voice sound a little creepy. He skipped away after that, and the three looked at each other and shrugged.

“Look!” a little voice said, and the squishmallows all yelped.

“I love Halloween!”

Thanks for reading guys!! 😂 I had a lot of fun shooting this photostory, and the final product turned out so great! I hope you enjoyed it and that you’re having a great October!

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