an early fall photoshoot ft. my siblings!

This was the
perfect way to spend
my afternoon! 🧑

Hello! Welcome back to my blog 😊 I’m currently working on updating my blog pages! If you’d like to check that out, view the home page and posts page. I’m still updating the rest, but I love the changes so far 😍

Yesterday afternoon, I was hanging out outside with my siblings and thought I’d take some pics! So here they are πŸ’–

I’ve been taking a lot more selfies lately! I like how it gives me more recent pictures of myself to share on my blog hehe

I really wanted to try out the camera on my new iPhone! So that’s what I was doing for most of these little flower pictures. They’re probably weeds, but they’re a beautiful shade of pink πŸ˜πŸ’•

So far, I’m really happy with how well the camera focuses!

Look at how well the background blurs so you can focus on the main subject! Mm this camera’s a photographer’s (aka me) dream haha

The color’s not as good on this one, but quite an interesting angle lol

I tried to get this little flower in the middle of the shot, but it kept dancing gently in the breeze, altering my shot πŸ˜‚

Timed photos are really useful! (our smiles are all so cute 🀩)

This one’s a favorite of mine from this photoshoot!

Me and Samuel! πŸ₯°

I took a bunch of pics of Samuel, Izzy and Elizabeth!

This one’s my favorite of them πŸ˜‚

Thanks so much for reading! I love that jacket weather is returning to where I liv, and very soon, I’ll get to take beautiful pictures of the changing leaves!

Which picture/s were your favorite?
Let’s chat in the comments!

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