when life burns you out: falling down & getting back up again 💫

Well sometimes, life throws you for a loop.

But you know what’s great about a loop?

It might turn your life upside-down, but one day things will be right again.

Hey guys!! Well how are you? Welcome back to Maggie’s Doodles. 💕

I must say, I’m feeling quite tired right now.* But I figured it was a great opportunity to talk about a topic that’s important to me!

*I composed this post yesterday after having a tiring day at work. Different situations hurt my feelings, and the day before had taken a toll on me emotionally, so I {mentally} fell pretty hard. While working through my emotions (and I still am today 🥰), I wanted to write a post about how we can look at things while we rebuild our mental strength. I hope you enjoy!

falling down &
getting back up again 💫

You won’t always feel this way. It’s easy to get lost in the moment, but you won’t always be running on empty. It’s especially easy to get burned out when multiple things happen, especially a few big things, which will take up your energy quickly. Instead of having that time to regain energy and your ability to face life’s problems and challenges head-on, you get taken down.

Don’t blame yourself. Please don’t. 💖 If you notice yourself getting upset about something you think is small, evaluate how life’s been going for you lately.

There’s a reason why you feel
the way you do.

Please validate what you’re feeling so you can stand back up, learn from what you’re going through, and be happy again.

Give it time. Being easy on yourself will get you so far. You know how after exercising, you sit down, stretch some, drink water, eat a healthy snack, etc? You don’t expect yourself to be able to run a marathon after doing a 30 minute run. We can learn a lot from how we take care of our physical bodies and apply that to our mental health. 💕

Put unnecessary things aside. I know for me, when things are tough and I’m mentally spent, it’s important for me to step back from decision-making that I don’t actually need to do right now. Even if I had been planning on doing something, that was dependent on me feeling up to doing it. So if I can, I’ll reschedule it for another time and use the energy I do have to do the things I must do.

It’s especially easy to get burned out when multiple things happen, especially a few big things, which will take up your energy quickly.

Everyone experienced today differently. I don’t know about you, but when I’ve had a bad day, all I can see are people who a great day, who are cheerfully posting on their blogs and having a pleasant time with whatever they’re doing. When we’re sad or tired or stressed, it’s isolating. We really want to know that we’re not the only ones struggling, because being alone is terrifying. So it might be smart for you to read blogs and watch shows that don’t cause a negative comparison for you, which leads me to my next point:

Surround yourself with positive influences. Listen to happy music that makes you smile, even if you’re in the mood for your favorite sad song. Eat some healthy food, even if you’re kinda craving a dessert or salty snack. Talk to your friends about positive things instead of ranting or having a negative conversation. It’s like there’s a time for those things, but right now might not be it. (I’m not saying I support ranting necessarily – but I think rant convos with friends can be fun 😂)

I’m trying to think of how to end this post, but it’s not coming to me. 😂

It’s crazy because I want to share this to be helpful for you guys (I hope it inspires you!), but at the same time I’m still processing my emotions. So part of me’s like eh I’ll draft this and come back when I’m strong again, but ya know what? I’m going to go ahead and share this raw, totally real situation.

Please validate what you’re feeling so you can stand back up, learn from what you’re going through, and be happy again.

I love you and I hope that whatever you’re going through, you take things a day at a time. We got this.

*Big hugs!!*

Did this post help you today?
I’m here for you!

19 thoughts on “when life burns you out: falling down & getting back up again 💫”

  1. This post is very timely and thank you so much for this. 🥺 I was having emotional breakdowns few days ago because i was just so overwhelmed and burnt out with life and endless responsibilities and problems with life. And yes, today, I’m still trying to make things work because i just can’t stop here. Your post almost made me tearyeyed, i was really comforted. Thank you. 🥺

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    1. Aw you’re welcome 💕💕 yeah when I’m in the middle of a stressful time like that it’s really hard to know that I’ll be ok again. Yes we can’t give up, we have so much to love for 💖 I’m so glad this post resonated with you, you’re welcome ☺️☺️

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  2. Oh wow. I’ve been really stressed out lately about… life… This post was such a good reminder! Thank you! I can definitely add one thing though, having a person you trust, someone who is older than you, is great when you need to talk about difficult things. My youth pastor has been an amazing support this past week!


  3. Putting unnecessary things aside is such a great way to regroup. I tend to have a full day, but when the low days come, it does me well to focus on the few things that really matter. Great post. Thanks for sharing!


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