maggie’s doodles reader survey! ~ october 2021 edition 🧑 (closed)

It’s that time of year again 😎
Wait, I don’t even know what I mean 🀣

Hey guys! Welcome back. You’re reading the latest post on Maggie’s Doodles, the fun blog where I share creativity and the little things that make me happy! Thanks for being here 😍

I have SO many post ideas, and it would mean a lot to me if you helped me narrow my content down! What would you love to see? What are your favorite posts to read here, and do you have ideas for posts I haven’t done yet? You can help me answer these questions and more by taking the survey below!

(click here on mobile/in the Reader in case that button doesn’t work lol)

As a side note, isn’t that featured image AWESOME?? I made it using new background and stickers I got from the app PhotoGrid! I have a monthly subscription for it right now and I’m excited about the new customization options 🀩

Did you take the survey?
(Thank you if you did!)
I can’t wait to share October content!

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