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visiting the world of coca-cola! ❤️ | travel with me

Hello!! Welcome back to my blog ❤ I’m so glad you’re here! Today I’m doing my first ✨ travel with me ✨ post 😍 It’s gonna be a lot of fun!

I went to The World of Coca-Cola with Joshua yesterday! It was really interesting to learn more about the world-famous drink that was originally created here in Georgia. The exhibits were cool to tour, and the experience was great overall.

I got a lot of cool pics I’m excited to show you!

Let’s check them out! Get ready for a virtual tour 😎👍

the world of coca-cola

The first building we came to was some private event center… so we had to walk up a flight of stairs to buy our tickets and enter the main building! That was quite an experience hah

This was one of those photos where I was like “Joshua, wait!” because I was having a photographer moment. 😂 You gotta balance living in the moment with whipping out your camera, which can be easier said than done…

This first showroom had SO much memorabilia in it, I’m still spotting new artifacts (basically) every time I see this pic!

This was the perfect spot to take a Coca-Cola-inspired photo!

I couldn’t get the best pic of these cool bottle statues, but here’s my decent attempt!

This is my FAVORITE photo I took! Do you love the red filter on all these pics? 😍❤ It’s super easy to do! Let me know if you’d like for me to share a tutorial!

There were so many posters and advertisements for this legendary drink, from all over the world and throughout the last century!

At the very end of the museum experience, it was time to taste test!

My biggest (and I guess only) complaint about the museum is that some of the sodas were absolutely vile. 🤢 I assumed all the sodas were going to taste good and be a fun experience, but two made me nauseous. It kinda ruined the end there for me, but it was still fun to try the tasty flavors!

My three favorites were the Thailand Fanta: Melon Frosty, a mixture of four sodas, and the Pibb Strawberry! Can you see in that middle picture that the soda’s two colors?? I have NO idea how I did that 😂 The sodas stacked on top of each other instead of mixing… it was really cool!

Thanks so much for reading!! Let me know if you’d like to see more ‘travel with me’ posts like this. I’ll talk to you later!

Which pic was your favorite? What’s your favorite Coke product? Let’s chat in the comments!

32 thoughts on “visiting the world of coca-cola! ❤️ | travel with me”

  1. I didn’t know there was a world of Coca Cola, that’s so cool!! 🍾 My favorite picture is the first one, of the outside of the building.
    I see you’ve changed the background picture thing of your blog, it looks so nice!! I love the colors. 👍💙

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