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blogger chit-chat ✨ ~ interview collab with sep!

Hello!! Welcome back to my blog 💕 Today I’m doing the first collab I’ve done in a while! 😍

I’m doing an interview swap with Sep (wow that’s a tongue twister 😂) from Bookishly Yours! I really enjoy her blog and she’s a lot of fun to talk to. I can’t wait to do this collab with her!

I’m answering her questions for me in my post, and you can go by her blog to read her answers to my questions here! 👍

Let’s go!

blogger chit-chat ✨
interview collab
with sep!

1. How did you start out blogging?

I joined a website called HomeschoolBlogger! It was one of the first things I was ever part of online. The one thing I did before that was a message board for kids, which was fun, but no one had their own personal space to write about stuff, you know? It was just messages on various threads. So when I got to make my own blog, organize blog posts, and design a blog, that was such a fun change!

By the way that was back in 2010… one of these days I’m gonna share my whole blogging journey 🤣

2. How long do you think it usually takes a newbie blogger to settle into the community?

That truly depends on the niche and how quickly that blogger connects with others! But I’d say on average, a month or two. In that amount of time, most new bloggers I meet are able to really learn about the way they like to blog, which niche/group they fit into, and develop their blogging voice 😊

3. If you could have any 1 materialistic thing in the world (food included) what would it be and why?

My first thought was a Tesla car! I want one really bad 😂

Oh and my why is because Elon Musk is amazing and the technological advancements happening at Tesla and SpaceX fascinate me heeh

4. What’s the first thing you’d do if everyone in the world except you paused?

*thinks about it* OOH I’d do some dramatic musical-esque solo performance! Like dance through Target singing some song about how I’ve fallen but I’ll rise again bahaha

5. Are you a wear-clothes-till-they-become-all-holey or a I-like-crisp-new-clothes-only person?

Oh mai goodness this question got REAL! haha sooo I’ll wear pyjama shirts and pants until they’ve been washed so many times they gotta be thrown away. Because they’re comfy and who cares if they’re faded, I’m just wearing them around the house lol? 😂 (my poor family)

However with my wear-outside-the-house-apparel, I like to look and feel as presentable as possible, but not too crispy.

So basically that’s the long answer for I’m a wear-clothes-till-they-become-all-holey person haha

Thanks so much for reading!! I loved your questions Sep (especially that last one, hehe 😛). I’d highly recommend checking out her blog if you haven’t already!

What’s your dream car? How long did it take you to settle into the blogging community? Let’s chat in the comments!

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