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my top tips for creating post series on your blog

Hello! Welcome back to maggie’s doodles πŸ’•

One of my favorite things to write are post series! πŸ˜πŸ’• Turning an idea I have into something I can post about more than once is really exciting. It gives me content, helps me to blog consistently, and I get to spend time creating and writing about a topic that interests me!

Fair warning with this post: while I set out to write a comprehensive guide to this topic, it insisted upon becoming a ramble-y chit-chat! I don’t mind this, but my ideas are all over the place. I hope you enjoy πŸ˜‚πŸ’•

Any time I have a post idea and I begin writing it, one of the things I consider is: could this be a series? Working through this question helps me to:

  • decide if I’d like to write more about the topic in the near future
  • name the post accurately
  • build on my original idea
  • create future content

While I do love standalone posts, they can be very content-limiting. If I wrote a post called ‘my favorite fonts,’ I would only be capturing the fonts I’ve liked up until that point. It doesn’t account for me loving new fonts in the future! So that could potentially be a series that I update weekly, monthly, or however often I come across new fonts to share.

One thing I’d like to point out about post series is that there are two ways to do them. They can either be capsule or ongoing!

The first means you write a set amount of posts and finish the series. The second means you’ll add to the series for the foreseeable future.

You can either make a post series plan, or add to the series as your life and interest allows. For example you could write a post every Sunday sharing what you ate the week before (you’ll always be eating πŸ˜‚), but for something like a travel diaries series, you’ll have to go with the flow of how often you’re able to go on road trips and vacations.

Some posts you can plan for, and others will depend on your situation! I think blogging is an awesome combination of both. If you’re consistently coming up with things to write about, then when fun things happen in your life, you’ll find ways to share those events on your blog! (it depends on your niche, of course. For me personally I love sharing tidbits from my personal life πŸ˜„)

Now I’m gonna chat about the creative process behind some of my post series! Let’s go:

Earlier this year, I took a bunch of pictures of funny items I found at a thrift store. My initial plan was to share all of them in one post that week with commentary. However, when I started working on the draft, the pictures started making the post quite long, to the point where I wouldn’t even want to read it. 🀣

So I was like, wait a second! I could split up these photos and share a few thrift store finds posts weekly. Thus, my awesome thrift store finds series was born! I turned that single trip to the store into a month’s worth of Friday posts 🀩

I created my blog coaching with maggie series this summer because for MONTHS, I wanted to write in-depth standalone posts covering the many blogging tips I have. They would all be in the same blogging tips category, but I wasn’t originally going to pair them together in a series. Eventually that is what I did, because writing comprehensive articles didn’t feel attainable.

Post series can be attainable for the blogger to write, and for their readers to read!

If you’re not sure how to approach a big topic (not something controversial, I mean something that’s a big part of your life πŸ˜‚ please blog safely lol), this can be a great way to start writing about it! Find a simpler way to approach it. That’s what happened for me with the blog coaching series: giving bite-sized advice instead of trying to compose information-heavy posts worked out really well.

So a few examples of capsule post series I’ve done was my self-esteem research, psychological first aid, and my personality test exploration. The first series was shorter than I’d intended because I ran out of good resources to learn from 🀣; the second fizzled out because I lost interest/inspiration (is there a difference lol? *cri*); and the third was a four-part series I carried out ’till the end πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜‚ (jk)

I do appreciate it when a post/series goes exactly how I’d planned, but that’s not what happens most of the time. I think when you’re writing anything – whether it’s a book, blog post, letter, etc. – the writing will take you farther or less distance than you believe it will. At least I’ve found that to be true as a blogger and story writer – do you have that? Please tell me I’m not alone haha

Ultimately, I’d highly encourage you to work with your content and create post series! I love writing them and they’re awesome to read on others’ blogs. ❀

I love you guys and I’ll talk to you again soon! πŸ’–

What are some post series you’d love to write? Are there any post series you’d love to see me do on my blog? Let’s chat in the comments!

18 thoughts on “my top tips for creating post series on your blog”

  1. Great tips maggie. I love your blog coaching series. If I am ever starting a post series in my blog it will obviously be something related to writing or maybe even books. You have an awesome blog. Loved your post..!

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  2. I’m currently writing about visiting parks in my city, which is a very long series. Otherwise, I do write shorter series, particularly on expat life

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hey Maggie! This is so helpful! I never thought this deep regarding a post, lol. The examples are so insightful, geez I can’t wait to begin a post series!


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