A Splashing Good Time ~ Guest Post by Maggie

hey guys!! I hope you’re having a beautiful day 💗 (I mean it’s early morning for me right now, maybe you’ve gotten up at a more fortunate time 😂👏) yesterday I did a stuffie guest post on Diamond’s blog! I totally recommend you go over and read it 💜 xx

Build A Bears Furever


Hello friends! Today I have a very special post for you all! Maggie of Maggie’s Doodles will be making today’s post! (You can find her blog linked below…I would put it here but TeChnNiCaL dIfFiCuLtIeS)

Enjoy Maggie’s story!

One fine summer day, Gilda and her friend Kiwi were vibing.


“Today feels like a special day to do something awesome,” Gilda suddenly said.


“Ooh! I like the sound of that. Do you have any ideas?” Kiwi replied.


“Uh… no.” Gilda’s brow furrowed as she wallowed deep in thought.


“Hello friends!!” Janet approached them just then, and the two friends greeted her. “What are you doing?”
“Thinking about what to do today,” said Kiwi.
“Yes! Something exciting and summery,” Gilda piped up.


“Ooh that’s lovely! Hey… I know!” Janet got all excited. “We can go swimming!”
Kiwi and Gilda gasped. “Yes, that’s perfect!”
The three friends hurried down to the…

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