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what are your assumptions about me? {I’ll respond to them in a podcast!}

Hey there people! Welcome back to maggie’s doodles 💜

future edit: you can listen to the podcast episode here!! thanks for all your assumptions!

Did you know I have a podcast? 🤩 You probably don’t because the last time I uploaded an episode was last November, lol. But I’m BACK in business! (Well I will be soon)

Here’s a fun fact: many bloggers do this ‘assumptions about me’ trend. Another fun fact: I’m literally THE blogger who brought this trend to the blogging world back in 2019. 😂✌️ not even joking – I saw YouTubers and Instagrammers do it all the time, so I did it on my blog a few years ago! (Not this blog though, another one) And the rest was (is) history! 😆🙌☀️

So I’m gonna be jumping back on my own trend lol and invite you guys to share your assumptions about me!

I’d love for you to share them all: the funny, the nice, the weird, the crazy! Just comment them below and I’ll be reading and responding to them in a podcast episode. I’ll be skipping over repeats and half-responding to ones that I either 1) can’t think of how to answer lol, or 2) ones where I’m not gonna give out personal information.

ALSO my podcast is available on APPLE PODCASTS NOW EEEE

And because it’s been so long since I shared a picture of myself, here’s a recent selfie so you know what I look like lol:


And let me know if you ever have any podcast episode ideas for me, as I’m usually stumped 🪵 as to what to post lol (I’m sorry I don’t know why I just did a dad joke haha)

Thank you in advance for sharing your assumptions! And I understand if you can’t think of anything or if you don’t share any, it’s okay 😂💕

edit: if I like your comment, it means I’ve responded to your assumptions and you’ll be included in my podcast!

What are your assumptions? Are you excited that I’m bringing my podcast back? Let’s chat in the comments!

33 thoughts on “what are your assumptions about me? {I’ll respond to them in a podcast!}”

  1. YAY A PODCAST!! I was just think about your podcast the other day, I’m so excited for this episode!! Okay here are some from me! Crazy, because we have to make it fun!!
    You like video calling better then audio
    You like black beans…
    You’ve had a bowl of jalapeño peppers once in your life
    You’d rather eat at home than at a restaurant
    You like the sun better than the moon
    You’d rather have a toad than a frog
    You like the sunset better than the sun rise
    Yep. Hope you enjoy 😂

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  2. Wait, you started that trend???!? THAT IS SO COOL!!! When I did my 25 follower collage I saw a few others do it, but I don’t know if it’s a “trend” now or something. (crazy to think that was only two of months ago and I’ve already doubled that number XD)

    Okay, here are my assumptions:
    You like drawing more than painting, but digital art more than drawing
    You are a Marvel fan
    Your eyes are either brown or hazel
    You like to write stories

    and that’s all I got! 😁

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    1. YEAHH crazy right? OH you did that! That’s really cool! Yeah I’ve seen other bloggers do that, it was a great idea! 😄👏💕
      Thank you for your assumptions! I responded to them in the episode x

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  3. Woah you started the trend?!?! Nice!!!!! 😂✨
    ~ You like reading Self-help books.
    ~ You would rather have a FeakShake than eat a huge burger XD.
    ~ You love spending time with your family.
    ~ Stargazing is one of your hobbies.

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  4. My assumptions-
    – You LOVE burgers.
    – You don’t like fantasy books a lot.
    – You don’t like coffee.
    – You secretly wish you had superpowers.
    Can’t wait for your podcasttttttttttt!

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  5. Wow, Maggie, this is awesome!❤️
    My assumptions:
    You love bright sunshine-y colours
    You are an optimistic person
    Your favourite colour is pink
    You like reading historical fiction
    You love cupcakes
    That’s it! I’m so excited for the episode!!✨

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  6. AHHHH I love assumptions about me posts!! I haven’t looked through all the comments, so I apologize if some of these are repeat questions from someone else😅
    1. You’re a very outgoing person once you get to know someone
    2. You love expressing yourself through emojis 😋
    3. You like to go biking for fun
    4. You did dance / ballet when you were little, but then stopped
    5. You have a large family

    Have a wonderful day!💖

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  7. I had no idea that you were the one who brought it back! That’s so cool, and thanks! I love these posts!❤️
    My assumptions:
    1. You prefer dark chocolate to white chocolate?
    2. You love coffee?
    3. You love the boho aesthetic?
    4. You’re into fantasy books?
    5. You’re a dog person?
    I’m so excited for your podcast, Maggie! Have a great day!🌈

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