how I’m reaching my flexibility goals

Hey guys! Quick note: I wrote this post back in May. I didn’t end up posting it then, so I’m sharing it today! I hope you enjoy the tips and get inspired 💕🌟

Hello friends!! Today I’m gonna chat with you about a topic I’ve TOTALLY been into lately. I haven’t talked about it anywhere on my blog yet because I’ve been daring people to blog about stuff 😏😂 and sharing tips for having more peaceful nights! 🌙💕 Aside from that, I’ve been working on content behind the scenes. Pretty cool, huh? You’re gonna LOVE this post! (and if you don’t, go ahead and scroll on by 😂👍)

Starting a few weeks ago, I’ve been working on my flexibility!!! I’ve been stretching every day, finding inspo on YouTube, and having an awesome time doing it. 😍💪💕 It has been an awesome journey! (yus, I said awesome twice! now three times! haha)

I started out with a minimal amount of flexibility (we’re talking my leg muscles would screeeem if I challenged ’em to a stretch duel), and now after- what, three weeks? – I’m able to stretch my calves and glutes halfway through the poses I’ve been working on! (for reference, I could barely do a quarter or a fifth of the stretches before improving my flexibility)

So, how did I do it? I’m gonna share the tips I have so far with you today! Because for years I would think I wanna be more flexible, then I didn’t pursue that goal. 🤨 lol so if you got some goals, go after ’em, my friend! 😂👏💕

Before I get to the tippin’, here are my two guidelines! With these two things, my tips will be very helpful!

First, you gotta have motivation. Absolutely! You gotta think about why you wanna be more flexible, and incorporate those goals into your everyday life. Second, you have to be patient. Awesome stuff takes time!

ALRIGHT! Ya ready for mah tips? Let’s go 😎👏

how I’m reaching my
flexibility goals

I found a few workouts I really like! This one’s super crucial! I’d recommend browsing YouTube, looking up things like ‘beginner flexibility workout,’ or ‘stretching for beginners,’ and find a channel you love. 😊 Look for a trainer you trust and like listening to, and also give yourself options! Find two, three, maybe more videos you can alternate between to give yourself variety, then you won’t get bored. (future note: I would just recommend making sure whichever workouts you do are targeting the muscle groups you’re currently focusing on. You’ll be unnecessarily sore and won’t see as much progress if you challenge many muscles instead of just a few 😊)

my favorite workouts at the moment:

I modify the moves and/or reps as necessary. I’ve found there are two types of discomfort in stretching. The first is where your muscles go, well I don’t like that but I’ll manage. 😂 then the second type goes WHOA WHOA WHOA STOP. When I have that latter reaction in my muscles, I back off and either 1) try a different stretch that targets the same muscle group, or 2) attempt the same stretch again but more gently. Listening to your body is SO important!

I’m flexible (no pun intended 😂) with when and where I stretch. At first, I just wanted to do my workouts in my room where I could focus the most. But there were some days where I was out in the living room with my siblings and needed to be watching them. So instead of skipping stretching or waiting until the evening (when I may not be motivated or able to stretch), I did my workout in the living room with my sisters! I’ve also worked with the different times of day I’m able to stretch: mid-morning, before lunch, early afternoon, an hour before dinner – I definitely prefer the morning stretch routines most, but being flexible (lol) has helped my progress along immensely!

I make sure I have good form and that I’m challenging myself without causing injury. If you’re not sure how your form is, get a mirror or take pictures/videos of yourself! Keep your back straight, go soft on your knees and elbows, and don’t hold a pose for longer than you’re able to. My goal is to always feel a bit tired after my workout, but not injured. If I’m not very sore the next morning, I know I did my workout correctly the day before! (future note: a little bit of soreness is normal, just not injury-level pain)

If I can do more or less on a day than I thought, I make adjustments for that. You know sometimes our body and/or mind’s just not on the same wavelength as our honorable goals. 😂🌟 so make a general plan, but absolutely change something up if you can do more or less than you’d anticipated!

I don’t eat or drink too much before or after my workout. Ya don’t want water sloshing around while you’re trying to focus on flexin’ lol, and digestion requires your body’s focus! So let your body do one thing a time: digest food, or stretch. I wouldn’t recommend combining the two.

I validate my routine! I’m deciding to see my commitment to become more flexible as being super important! Really feeling proud of myself for how hard I’m working made me so happy and excited to keep going. I felt like I’d signed up for a flexibility class and I’d be seeing my instructor later on (because I did, and I would be! Just virtually 😉). The positive impact that had was so special.

I chose some goals to work on today, then others to pursue in the future! Right now I’m working on fully getting into the stretches outlined in the first video I linked above. Then I also have some goals I’ll be targeting soon, like being able to cartwheel, hold a handstand, do the side splits, and more! I chose daily goals I can reach every day, then big goals to slowly aim for. I’ve been enjoying this so much!

I set a goal to not buy any workout clothes or equipment until I’ve progressed some in my flexibility. I really wanted to start out by buying stuff, but I decided to wait and use what I already have for a while! Then I’ll treat myself to some awesome new stuff at some point, which makes me excited to be more flexible!

I breathe deeply through my nose and let my breath out slowly, especially with the most challenging stretches. I learned that you get more oxygen from each breath when you breathe through your nose! So I’ve taken that to heart and I actually feel a difference after taking a few deep breaths while stretching. My body goes from fighting the stretch to working through it! You should try it 😄💕

Hey guys! It’s present Maggie again 😂👌 Thanks so much for reading this post! I had a lot of fun focusing on flexibility in May, and I would totally recommend working on your own flexibility. It’s so cool to see yourself progress, which boosts motivation for reaching other goals in your life! 💪💕

What are your favorite flexibility and/or exercise routines? What are you focusing on this month? Let’s chat in the comments!

9 thoughts on “how I’m reaching my flexibility goals”

  1. I used to be SO SO flexible before the pandemic and now-
    It’s great that you’re working on it and yeah!
    I’ll def try this out 💕👍


  2. Hi Maggie, it’s great to see that you are working on your flexibility, if you don’t mind here’s a tip that should help you: try not to stretch more than 2 – 3 times a week. Working on the same muscle groups more than 2 – 3 times a week will actually slow down your progress, so its important to have rest days when you’re not utilizing the same muscles.


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