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blog coaching with maggie – session #2

Hello and happy Saturday, people! ☀️

I just remembered a moment ago that I’m posting today, but that’s okay 😂🙌 Thankfully I’ve been working on this post all week!

It’s time for #BlogCoachingWithMaggie ! ✌️✨💖 To check out the first session, click here. To read part two, scroll on down! 🤣 (ahhh I’m so clever)

I hope you find this series helpful! It’s been a lot of fun to compile my tips into these sessions, and I can’t wait for the remaining sessions 💕

Let’s go!

blogging personality 🎨

Design a blogging style that’s recognizable

My favorite thing about my favorite bloggers (well that was rather redundant haha) is their unique blogging style! When there’s a level of predictability to their content, I’m able to really get to know them and fully enjoy their blog.

There are a few elements of blogging style that can be customized:

  • digital design
  • writing style
  • blogging presence

So, how you design your blog and posts, the way you write, and your personality when commenting on others’ blogs are the building blocks of your blog presence!

Here are some aspects of blog personality that stand out to me about different bloggers:

  • how they start their posts (i.e. ‘hey little sunshines!’, ‘WAZZUP 😂✌️,’ etc)
  • their post graphics (i.e. opening message, dividers, signature, etc)
  • the way they make featured images (i.e. fonts, color palette/s, shapes, design elements, etc)
  • how they address their audience throughout their posts (i.e. speaking to everyone, to the individual, or not identifying an audience at all)
  • the type/s of posts you can expect from them (i.e. helpful/inspirational, creative, interesting, entertaining, etc)
  • their favorite emojis (if you like emojis, they’re a great way to express your personality!)
  • the time of day & which days they post (this predictability helps your readers to know when to expect new content from you, which allows them to have something to look forward to!)
  • how they title their posts (i.e. all caps, all lowercase, certain words they use, symbols they use [dashes, backslashes], etc)
  • through the mood of their posts (i.e. relaxed, reflective, excited, etc)
  • through their sense of humor (i.e. sprinkles of sarcasm, wit, ingenuity, and a dash of madness*!)

*did I really manage to express my own sense of humor through that example 😂😂👏

So while you’re working on developing your style, you can reference this list for ideas on what you want to focus on! It can also help you to identify what you’re already really happy with on your blog. The list above is a comprehensive starting place (or reference point 🤣👏 am I making any sense at all lol) for you to come back to.

important blogging checklist 🖥️

Check your spam comments folder regularly

There’s a spam catcher WordPress uses called Akismet, which is supposed to filter out spam comments so they don’t show up on your blog.

These include:

  • links to bad sites (i.e. – idk if you can click that, but please don’t 😂 I made it up but it probably exists haha)
  • accounts promoting websites (i.e. hey this is so-and-so with this sketchy business you’ve never heard of, and you should shop here today for wrenches and window fixtures 🙃🙂🙃)
  • shady accounts trying to convince you to give them money (i.e. hi Blog Name, you want to make money with your blog today! Make $8k in 5 minutes with this thing just click here-)
  • bloggers doing self-promotion (i.e. hello love this great tips, follow me and like my blog [includes their blog link])

So that’s the stuff that’s supposed to be in your spam folder. Sometimes however, real comments from bloggers you know (or at least who are leaving a real comment) get Akismetted!

Here are some examples of real comments in your spam to look out for so you can rescue them (which you can do by ‘Approving’ it):

  • a real blogger giving a link to their blog or a specific post of theirs (Akismet usually detects all links as spam even if they’re not)
  • a real blogger leaving a very short/very long comment (whether you’re brief or long-winded, Mr. Akismet has his eye on you haha)
  • a real blogger who accidentally posted a comment twice (just trash the repeat and respond to the one)

To access your spam comments folder, go to the WordPress app > My Site > Comments, then along the bar across the top of the screen with types of comments, pan over until you see the section called Spam. From the WP Dashboard, go to My Sites > My Home > Comments > Spam.

behind-the-scenes tips 🔧

Make a custom posts page

I’m really happy that I was able to make one of these for my blog! 💕 It’s a great block to utilize because some themes just don’t display posts very well. I’m going to walk you through how to make one too so that you can enjoy your blog to the fullest!

Here’s how my custom page displays posts:

See? All nice and neat! The square featured images are on the left, the titles are a nice size, and I chose a certain amount of preview text to be displayed alongside the image. It’s seamless and pleasing to look at.

Then you have… the default posts page. 🙊

Get ready for cringe 🙈


I don’t know what Dara is doing!!

How could a featured image ever be compatible with that layout?? 😂 Anyway-

how to create
a custom posts page!

I’d recommend having this post of mine in one tab and creating your page in another so you can reference all that I’m about to say haha

Also another rec: do this on a laptop or computer, not on your phone on the WP app. There’s a lot happening and idk if it’ll all show up on the app lol!

  • Click Add New Page
  • Choose the Blank layout because I’m gonna walk you through this 😂
  • Name the page ‘Blog Posts’ or something else that references posts
  • Click the ‘+’ (plus sign) and add a new block
  • Search for the ‘blog posts’ block and click it
  • Here’s where the fun begins! On the block itself:
    • Choose between: List View and Grid View
    • Choose between: Show media on top, on left, on right, or behind
    • Choose between: Landscape Image Shape, Portrait, Square, or Uncropped
  • Off to the right while customizing the block:
    • Choose between: Default and Borders
    • Customize: Display Settings (specific posts, ‘Number of items’ [how many posts you want displayed], Authors, Categories, Tags, and ‘show ‘Load More Posts”)
    • Customize: Featured Image Settings (Show Featured Image, Show Featured Image Caption)
    • Customize: Post Control Settings
    • Customize: Color Settings (for post titles and text)
    • Customize: Post Meta Settings (Date, Category, Author, Author Avatar)
    • Customize: Post Types (Posts, Pages, Testimonials, Projects)

Depending on the theme, the customization settings will vary. Some themes allow more or less customization, so if you don’t see something I’ve listed above, it’s probably because your current theme doesn’t support it.

While customizing your posts page, I would recommend previewing the changes you make in a separate tab so you can see what those updates will look like on your actual blog! The editor only shows so much, so periodically check how it will look on your blog, as well as previewing it in the mobile view if you’d like as well.

growing your blog 🌎

Give your posts titles that are catchy & easy to find

They’re the first thing most bloggers see when they discover your post.

Your titles will either convince readers to check out what you’ve written, or not interest them enough to stick around.

They can make or break your readership.

Sound intimidating?

It is. 😂 lol jk

I’m gonna help you out with this today if you’d like to work on your post titles!

So let’s say you’re gonna do a post about…

hamsters 😍

Post titles can do one of two things: tell the reader what the post’s about, or leave them guessing. When done well, either type of title can lead them to click and read more!

Through your titles, you can let readers know if the post is funny, inspirational, interesting, creative, ramble-y, and so much more.

Wording is everything! You can help them know what to expect through your titles.

Here are some possible title ideas:

  • I love hamsters!
  • hamsters: the good, the bad, and the ugly
  • cute & fluffy: a poem about hamsters
  • a photoshoot with my pet hamster
  • the story of a hamster and his wagon
  • 4 reasons why you should get a pet hamster
  • quotes about hamsters
  • tips on how to care for your pet hamster
  • 10 things you never knew about hamsters
  • hamsters 101: a crash course on having a pet hamster
  • hamster photo collages
  • hamster appreciation day

It’s almost startling how easily these titles came to me

I don’t even have a hamster


So, which ones would you click? I would encourage you to write those types of posts!

If your blog is one you would enjoy reading yourself, then you’re doing it right. 💕

Looking for more blogging tips?

Rayna @ The Randomness of Rayna shares a monthly blogging magazine! In each issue, you’ll find a section with blog tips that I totally recommend you check out. 😍🌟

Thanks for reading guys! I love you!

Are there any blogging questions you’d like answered? Did you find this post helpful? Let’s chat in the comments!

43 thoughts on “blog coaching with maggie – session #2”

  1. okay, this is all so helpful!! I’m loving this series. 💙👏
    And we’d already discussed this, but thank you for the shout-out! I completely forgot about that. 😧 I am most definitely going to do it next time. *kicks myself*

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Ahhhh Maggie thanks so much for this series 😭😭 (idk why I only just found out you were doing it) I’ve always been so confused about making post pages and formatting and stuff and I finally changed it for the first time since I actually created my blog so yeah that’s awesome. Excited for the next posts!! ❤️❤️❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re very welcome Hreem!! 💕 yeah custom post pages are not talked about enough, but they’re an incredible customization option for bloggers 🤩💖 that’s EPIC! it makes me so happy to help!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Thank you so much for the posts page instructions! My main posts page was from one of the templates and just didn’t look good, but now it looks so much better!😃😃
    I also have Dara, and I agree, the default post display page does not look good! 😝

    Liked by 1 person

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