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blog coaching with maggie – session #1

Hello everyone! Welcome back to maggie’s doodles πŸ’• I’m so happy you’re here!

It’s time for my first blog coaching session! πŸ˜πŸŽ‰πŸ‘πŸ’– It’s gonna be a lot of fun and I can’t wait for you to read this whole series!

Let’s go! πŸ€©πŸ‘‰

blogging personality 🎨

Create your blogging space

This! πŸ™Œ Is! πŸ™Œ Crucial! πŸ™Œ

The way we build new habits is by retraining our mind πŸ§ πŸ˜‚

So, how do we do that with blogging? How do we curate our workspace so that when we sit down, the blog ideas flow freely?

I’ll share some of my top tips for making a blogging-friendly workspace!

  • Pick your favorite place in the house to be your blogging area. It could be anywhere – the corner of your living room, the writing desk in your room, the dining room table, or in a bean bag chair! As long as this area is the main place where you write blog posts, it’s perfect.
  • Make a blogging playlist. It could be one song, a handful of favorites, or an album you love! With it playing in the background or blasting in the headphones, when you hear those specific songs, it’ll get you in the blogging mood. I’d recommend picking songs that make you smile, ones you like jamming out to while brainstorming title ideas or figuring out how to word a paragraph, haha – nothing too serious! You can even have different playlists for the various kinds of posts you write: thoughtful ones, fun posts, intriguing ones, the list goes on.

Music has a huge impact on our mood and productivity, so use that to your advantage! 🎧🌟

  • Write posts where you can focus. Does gazing out the window while you write help you think? Do you like blogging in a busy part of the house with earbuds in to drown out the noise, or do you crave the quiet? Try some things out and pay attention to how productive you feel in those different environments. It could even change depending on the day, so keep your options open!
  • Figure out which electronics keep you the most inspired. Answer these quick questions: laptop or phone? Tablet or computer? For me personally, I love writing posts and tending to blogging commitments on my Chromebook, and responding to comments and creating digital art on my iPhone. Although sometimes, if a post is taking me a while to work on, I’ll try writing it on my phone instead of my laptop to give myself variety.

My last blogging workspace tip for you: give the habit time to form! By consistently providing yourself with the same inspiring work environment, the habit will get stronger every day. πŸ’ͺπŸ’•

important blogging checklist πŸ–₯️

Make sure your profile links
to your current blog

WordPress literally changed the way profiles appear days before I started working on this post. 🀦 which is AWESOME but now I’m not sure how to do this tip! πŸ˜‚

If you go to My Profile on your laptop or computer, scroll down to the box that says ‘Profile links.’ This is where you can check to make sure the blog/s you post on show up there! If they’re not listed, you can add them.

*quietly adds the two collab blogs I’m part of to my profile* hahah

Within the WordPress app, you can access your profile from My Site, then click your profile pic in the top right corner. Then go to Account Settings > Primary Site/Web Address and you can make sure it links to your main blog!

Here’s what your profile can link to if it’s not updated:

  • an old blog that’s no longer active
  • a broken URL from a blog that was deleted
  • your Gravatar profile, which may or may not link to your current blog
  • an incorrect link
  • nothing! if there’s no blog link, then you’re just a profile πŸ˜‚

So yeah. But I’m pretty sure WordPress just invented a responsive update system that will enable blogs to be listed automatically instead of the blogger having to do it manually πŸ˜‚

I’m a mixture of relieved πŸ˜… and frustrated πŸ™ƒ that this update finally came out lol!

If you need some more help with making sure your profile lists your current blog/s, just drop a comment below and I’ll be happy to help you!

behind-the-scenes tips πŸ”§

Ensure that a page is available
on your blog for readers to
check out your latest posts

So when you go to my blog (July 2021 edition lol), I have what you call a static homepage πŸ€“ (bear with me through all this blog tech jargon haha)

That means that when someone visits Maggie’s Doodles, they get to read the homepage I created for new visitors. I called the page ‘welcome!’, published it, then on the Customizer I went to Homepage Settings:

I then chose for my homepage to display ‘A static page’:

I haven’t selected a page for ‘Posts page’ because I don’t like how my theme (Dara) displays the post feed. I created a custom page for that, which I’ll write about as another tip if you’d like to learn how to do that!

So the second page listed on my blog after ‘About’ is the one called ‘My Posts’! This is where you can read my latest posts in… descending order? Like newest to oldest πŸ˜‚πŸ‘

When you don’t have a page like this available for your readers, it makes it really hard to enjoy your latest content unless they’re viewing your blog from the Reader (which can be hard to get to). So I’d really recommend having a Latest Posts page on your blog so we can enjoy reading your latest writings!

Also if you don’t want a homepage for your blog and you want to display your latest posts there, that’s awesome too! It’s totally a preference thing 😊

growing your blog 🌎

Write posts on a variety of topics!

The number one reason why I see increases in my blog traffic is because I’ve published a post that caught my readers’ attention, as well as the attention of people browsing WordPress tags!

People love variety. Getting to read a unique post idea or series is refreshing and exciting!

Depending on your blog’s niche, expanding the variety of your content is a really great way to grow your blog’s audience. The goal isn’t to appeal to everyone, but by chatting about your hobbies, and by sharing your unique advice and viewpoints, you automatically expand your content to appeal to more readers!

So for me, I run a creative lifestyle blog. My content focuses on creativity, my hobbies, and what I love to chat about! While some of my posts seem unconventional or mismatched with the rest of my content, I find creative ways to incorporate the new posts I’d like to write. For example, my writing voice remains the same, the way I make the featured images gives my blog a seamless feel, and I routinely write posts that match my niche! I make unique posts an exception to my content rule.

Thank you so much for reading!! I hope you’re loving this series so far πŸ˜πŸ’œ

Please feel free to drop any questions you have below! I’ll help out with what I can πŸ’•

Looking for more blogging tips?

I highly recommend checking out Evin’s blogging tips! She’s an amazing blogger friend of mine and has incredible tips to share 😍 Evin recently shared How to plan your blog posts, and another awesome one to check out is Finding inspiration for blogging + 99 blog post ideas! πŸŒ±πŸ’•

Are there any blogging questions you’d like answered? Did you find this post helpful? Let’s chat in the comments!

36 thoughts on “blog coaching with maggie – session #1”

  1. ooh, you covered a lot of important topics in the first post!! Can’t wait to see the other ones in the series too! πŸ˜œπŸ’™ I especially want to read about how you made a custom posts page, since I used to have the theme Dara. πŸ€“

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    1. Aw thanks RayRay!! same it’s gonna be so fun and helpful πŸ˜πŸ˜‚βœŒοΈπŸ’• I’m including that tip in the next post to stay tuned! πŸ‘πŸŒŸ

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