3 tips on how to be emotionally strong πŸ’•

Hi guys!! Welcome back to maggie’s doodles. ✨

Okay, so. *claps hands together*

I wanted to write an inspirational post on my blog today, but it requires an explanation πŸ˜‚

I’m writing this post about emotional strength to inspire you, just as much as I’m writing it to remind me.

It’s coming from a place of hey Maggie, I know things have been tough for you lately, but you’ve got what it takes!

I’m definitely not sitting up here on a mountain of rock-solid emotional strength and stability πŸ˜ŒπŸ§˜πŸ”οΈ at all πŸ˜‚ so I really hope to remind myself today at the same time I’m encouraging you!

So, what is emotional strength?

It can be defined in different ways.

totally don’t quote me on this in a research paper or anything, I don’t have credentials haha

I see emotional strength as the ability to process our thoughts, feelings, and emotions. It’s being aware of how we’re taking in the world, and acknowledging our response. It also involves self-control, because to be emotionally strong, we must take responsibility for our actions.

Here are some tips I’ve come up with to help you strengthen your emotion control & response!

Why does it sound like a rescue mission all of a sudden lol

3 tips on how to be emotionally strong πŸ’•

1. Allow yourself to feel negative emotions πŸ’•

Hoo, this isn’t a fun one to do. But – do you know what will happen if you don’t? We get mentally backed up when we stop ourselves from feeling bad some of the time.

If you’re disappointed about cancelled plans for this weekend, sad that a friend hasn’t reached out to you in a while, or frustrated that your cat keeps scratching up your pillow case (that’s strangely specific haha) – allow yourself, in those moments, to feel poorly.

It’s not emotional weakness to feel down sometimes. In fact, it shows how strong you are!

By getting negativity out of the way as it comes up in your life, you’ll be more prepared to respond to both happy and sad circumstances in the future.

You won’t have unresolved feelings that need tending to, which will enable you to live more fully.

*IMPORTANT* note: feeling poorly and acting poorly are two different things. You can see that something is hard for you, or annoying, or depressing, but how you respond is up to you. Don’t act irresponsibly in response to the hard stuff. Please don’t hurt yourself or the people you love – we care about you. πŸ’–

2. Glide through the hard times and savor the good times πŸ’•

sounds kinda like a cheesy commercial

Anyway lol, a tip my mom gave me recently has come back to me and been really helpful. She said you can feel down, but don’t stay there.

It’s important to stay aware of the emotions we’re having so we can see if they’re necessary or warranted.

For example, if I really missed seeing someone, that makes me quite sad and lonely. I may be down about it for a bit, but what happens when some fun memories I shared with the person come to mind? Or when I find out I’ll be seeing the person again soon? Both of those things are opportunities to stop feeling sad, because there’s new positivity that’s become part of the situation.

Sometimes sadness is a response, and sometimes it’s a choice.

You can become emotionally strong by recognizing the difference between the two. πŸ’–

Oh, and about the second part of my second point lol – savor the good times!

You ever felt like I can’t enjoy this happy moment because there will be sad times again? This type of thought will absolutely crush your life. Learning how to enjoy the happy moments through the chaos is essential and crucial to your happiness and others. So I’d really encourage you to focus on that today!

And then, for my final tip…

*thinks long and hard about it because I don’t have one yet lol*

*thinks some MORE because I wasn’t ready for this*

3. Focus on your thoughts πŸ’•

Many of our thoughts are automatic. But sooooo many of them are customizable! πŸ˜‚ By that I mean we have a huge influence on our own emotions by what we choose to focus on.

Your view of a situation will be negative or positive based on how you’re perceiving it.

There are several situations in my life where, depending on the day (and sometimes the hour lol), I’ll feel totally awesome about it, or totally in the dumps. I can be optimistic, or I can lose hope. I can be encouraged, or completely discouraged. Some of my perception’s based on fact, but all the rest is assumption.

I have a challenge for you: challenge your thoughts! Identify what your internal voice is doing and challenge those fears, scenarios, and beliefs to a battle of wits. The chances are high that with a clear mind, you’re gonna win. And if something is still bothering you, thinking about the situation responsibly and in a controlled manner will enable you to face it more confidently. You got this! πŸ’œ

Thank you sooo much for reading! Wow, I really enjoyed writing this post πŸ˜‚ it was a breath of fresh air for me! Sometimes, all it takes is snapping out of those negative thought patterns to totally get you back on track. πŸ’• I hope you have a beautiful day!

Did you like this post? In what ways are you emotionally strong? Let’s chat in the comments!

24 thoughts on “3 tips on how to be emotionally strong πŸ’•”

  1. There are so many times when my mom is like upset with me and scolds me. And I start crying (like I just start crying-) and in my mom goes like ‘If ur gonna cry for such a small thing what are you going to do ahead”
    So then that is one time I keep crying. And I do allow myself to feel the bad emotions instead of avoiding them. I do feel its better to vent out rather than bottle up all those feelings….
    Its a relatable post, this one!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww I’m sorry Geet 😒 *hugs you* That’s hard. It’s tough because feeling bad’s not fun, but if we go on faking happiness and being ok then that’s painful too.

      Liked by 1 person

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