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summer-y doodles! 😎 ~ collab with corrie!

Hey guys! Welcome back to maggie’s doodles, the coooool place where I’ll be sharing fun posts all summer long! 😂👏💕 I hope you love what you read here!

So today I’m doing a collab with Corrie @ Miraculus Homeschool! She’s a great blogger friend of mine who writes a vareity of awesome posts. 😄 She was also a contestant in We Dare You To Blog 2021! So definitely check out her blog and give it a follow if you’d like.

For this collab we’re doing, we both made summer artwork! Mine is doodles, of course 😎😂✌️ and you’ll have to check out Corrie’s blog to see what summer-y thing she drew/created!

Let’s get started! 💙

summer-y doodles ☀️

I decided to go with the super organic way of showing art: the good, the bad, and the shaky! 😂 (ok maybe not organic, but something like that – totally real!) I’m really happy with how most of these turned out, but I’m sure you can guess which ones weren’t totally up to par. (*cough* one of the flp flops *cough* haha)

Look at Mr. Flamingo! And that ukulele is just incredible 😂🪕 (wait that’s a banjo-)

Processed with Rookie Cam

I’m thinking that popsicle will be quite hard to hold with such a short stick, hehe. And that palm tree… yeah it was the one I doodled first, so I was getting in the groove! I’m super proud of that pineapple tho 😍🍍

And how about that featured image?? I LOVE how it turned out for this post!! I made a collage of all the doodle pics combined, then layered the photo with an ombre color foreground on Superimpose. (Sorry if some of those words were too technical lol) I can do a tutorial sometime if you’d like to learn more about how I make featured images!

Thanks sooo much for reading! I had fun doing this collab with Corrie, and I hope you enjoyed reading it. 😄❤️ Let me know if there are other doodle themes you’d like to see me do!

Which doodle/s where your favorite? Let’s chat in the comments!

44 thoughts on “summer-y doodles! 😎 ~ collab with corrie!”

    1. thanks! 😄
      usually two bloggers will email back and forth coordinating everything! they can write on a common topic, swap guest posts, etc. and decide on a date and time for the posts to go live.

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