3 tips that help boost my confidence ✨

Hey guys! I hope you’re having a beautiful day 💕 Welcome back to my blog! On maggie’s doodles, I love sharing posts that are a combination of fun, creativity, and inspiration! I hope you enjoy what you read here 😄

Today I’ll be talking about confidence! I actually started working at a new job recently, and it has helped me so much to keep a few confidence tips in mind!

While learning how to work at a new place, it has been very important to trust in my abilities and be confident in my ability to learn.

Without this confidence, I would be afraid to fail, too embarrassed to ask for help, and I would not catch on to new skills as quickly!

I’d like to share these tips with you because they can be very helpful for many different situations! It could be for a new subject you’re starting in school, if you’re moving to a new state, if you’re learning a new language, etc – when something is challenging to us, having confidence in our ability to succeed is crucial to our success!

Let’s get started!

a word on perfectionism 👑

You see how I chose the crown emoji? I did that because perfectionism will convince you that everything must be perfect, just like royalty – no flaws at all!

The opposite side of that ‘beautiful’ picture is the horrible realization that things don’t always go right. You will make mistakes. And it’s crushing when you take it upon yourself to be 100% in every area of your life.

Doing your best and trying to do things perfectly are two COMPLETELY different things. The first involves you putting in all your effort, making progress, accepting setbacks, and continually moving forward.

Perfectionism stunts positivity and your capabilities because the more you see what isn’t perfect in your life, the less confident you’ll be to face your fears and reach your goals!

When I realized that striving for perfection did not result in things working out perfectly, I was ready to try something new.

I have been taking a completely different approach to problem-solving lately! It has boosted my confidence so much. I think before now, my confidence was pretty non-existent 😂 since I never could do anything perfectly.

There are still situations where I get frustrated when I mess up, or feel embarrassed when something’s challenging. But as a whole, turning away from perfectionism has resulted in a LOT of progress!

I’d like to share with you some of the mindset shifts I’ve come up with. I really hope they help you in becoming a confident problem-solver and life navigator! (is ‘gator’ really in that word 😂💚)

3 tips that help boost my confidence ✨

1. Instead of believing I should already know something, I trust in my ability to find out.

This has been life-changing for me! For a looong time, I tried to be confident in my ability to already know everything. That means that any little failure, mess-up, or confusion was embarrassing, irritating, and confidence-crushing.

But how could I have already known what I hadn’t learned yet?

I held myself to an impossible standard I wouldn’t have forced on anyone else!

Now when I don’t know how to do something yet, I am determined to try. While I won’t always succeed in every attempt, I can truthfully say that I have succeeded in trying!

2. I’m allowing mistakes to be part of the process.

I have thought that learning how to do something consists of taking a bunch of steps, all moving in the direction of the goal. That is true, but there’s a catch: to get to where you want to be, you have to take some steps you don’t want to take.

If something’s intimidating to you, if your perceived inadequacy is holding you back, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t move.

Oftentimes once you get moving, you’ll fall into the rhythm of challenging yourself and pretty soon, you’ll be accomplishing goals you never thought you’d reach!

For example, at my new job there have been some tasks that looked intimidating to learn how to do. However, I trusted that over time, through my determination to try and my ability to learn, I would eventually get really good at doing them! I’m really happy to say that is what happened – I can now do those work tasks that seemed insurmountable at first. 💪💕

3. I’m not afraid to ask questions!

Have you ever not known how to do something, been too embarrassed to ask, then sat around hoping a braver soul would retrieve the information for you? Yup, same. 😂 Except that it rarely ever happens that someone else would need the same info I needed, therefore I’d walk around stubbornly in the dark!

Be okay to not know yet. Do what you can to find out!

When you’re more receptive to help, then you’re much more likely to remember the information you’re given.

When I was nervous about being a new team member at work, I wasn’t doing a good job of remembering what my co-workers were teaching me how to do. However, when I pushed my fear aside and really listened to what they were saying, I made progress so fast!

Thanks so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed this post, and let me know if you’d like to see others like it 😍💕 I love sharing life tips with you!

Did you find this post helpful? How do you build confidence? Let’s chat in the comments!

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  1. That was a really helpful post! I agree with all of that, and the perfectionist section at the beginning was really good. 🙂

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