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snapshots & doodles from my week | new job, soft pinks, and summer vibes ☀️

Hi again!! Aww it feels so good to be back doing my usual posts! 🥳💕 I loved spending May dedicating most of my content to We Dare You To Blog (check out the awesome finale here!), but I’m so so ready to have fun posting my normal content again. I hope you’re excited that I’m doing these posts again as well! 😍

After much thought, I knew the first post I wanted to do for this week was a ‘snapshots & doodles from my week’!

The main reason I want to do one is to share some awesome news with you: I got a job!!! I’ve been wanting to start working for the past few months, and it felt so great to get hired and start working. I’m learning a lot, meeting new people, and enjoying the experience overall! I’m adjusting to life as a restaurant employee, slowly but surely 😂 and so far it’s been a lot of fun!

Another thing I’ve been doing lately is enjoying the design and decor in my new room! The bedroom arrangement changed at our house and right now I get to have my own room again 😊💕 It’s taking me a while to complete the setup and decorate the walls haha, but eventually I will show you my room once the design is finished!

Lastly, my mind has been so full lately. I can’t tell you how perfectly this doodle encompasses my recent mental state 😂 It’s been a combination of emotions across the board – I’ve had great days, tiring days, ho-hum days, productive days, long days, and short days. Adjusting to working is changing the way I prioritize what I want to do, and I’m a bit behind in multiple areas of my life. There are books I want to read, to do lists I want to write, posts I want to work on, things I need/want to buy and do, etc. It’s made me feel a little crazy at times, but I’m also enjoying this time of adjustment! I always have something I can be working on accomplishing, and it’s helping me learn about where I’m the most passionate about spending my time. I would encourage you to do the same: embrace the craziness as you’re able to and let things be the way they are! 💖✨

Ok! Are you ready for this week’s snapshots? Let’s go!

Joshua and I got Six Flags passes, and we’ve gotten to go one time so far! My favorite thing about the park (aside from the delicious honey bbq boneless wings – MMM) is Gotham City! There are great thrill rides over there and it’s just awesome 🦇😂

Also look at the CUTIE GOSLINGS perusing the grass underneath Batman! 😂💙

You know what my favorite meal is right now? The Market salad from Chick-Fil-A! Like YES 😍👌👌👌 it’s been around for a long time but I had no idea how epic it is, haha. Just as long as I order it without the blue cheese crumbles next time 🤣 rip

My dad got to come home the first of the month! We were celebrating in the van 🥳

We had Burger King for lunch while Dad was at a doctor appointment, and WOO was it good! Their crispy chicken sandwich is pretty epic. Next time I get it I’ll get a nice sauce to eat it with, because the chicken was great but the sandwich was boring without flavoring 😂

You know what I love? Sunsets! I’m hardly ever out when they’re happening tho, so I take pics most times I see one lol. I love ’em!

Look at my new SHIRT! It’s my cute comfy shirt with Baby Yoda on it. It’s great 🤩💚

Now I’ll show you my work backpack! It has everything I need while at work (and some things I don’t need lol, and if I forget to pack it correctly, it doesn’t have the things I need 😂 that was unnecessary I think haha) I love the colors because they totally match my aesthetic, hehe!

Here’s a peek at the inside! We have my lovely and hilarious makeup bag and some beauty essentials.

I have this stuff packed for if I’m wanting to blog plan after getting off work! I’ve done it a couple of times and it’s fun to brainstorm while jamming out to music 😂✌️

How cute are these doodles lol!! I thought I’d “show” you the things I keep in my backpack that weren’t pictured 😉😂💕 the colored sharpies are so pretty!

This is my new watch! I really like it, but I don’t wear it too often because my wrist gets rather hot with it on lol

Ooh ya wanna see a behind-the-scenes shot from my backpack flatlay session? (did that sentence make any sense)

Lol!! Yes, there’s awkwardness and crazy stuff happening behind the scenes of my photography 😂💕 you can see the fluffy blanket I used for the background, the shoe insoles I decide not to include lol, my wet towel – this is real life y’all

I went to the Georgia Renaissance Festival with my mom and siblings! We got stuck in traffic while getting there, and I had to include this photo my mom took on my phone. How’d she manage to make the little raindrops look like bits of snow? haha I love it!

Look at the PARKING LOT 😱😱 so many caaaars lol

One of my favorite things about the festival was the jousting tournament! I had a lot of fun watching it with Samuel 😊

Thanks so much for reading! I can’t wait for you guys to get to see the rest of what I have planned for this week 😍💕 stay tuned!

What did you do this week? Which picture/s were your favorite? What are you looking forward to next week?
Let’s chat in the comments!

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