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poem prompt swap ✨ ~ collab with geet!

Hello friends! Today I’m doing a super fun collab with the lovely Geet from Geet’s Not-So-Secret_Diary! ✨ I just met this blogger and she’s really cool! So go give her blog a follow if you haven’t already 😍💛 (it’s totally your choice btw but I really recommend it haha)

We are doing a poem prompt swap! How it works is I gave her a word, and she wrote a poem based on that word! Then she did the same for me 😄 It was super fun!

In this post you can read the poem (or should I say… poems 😏😂 [you’ll see why in a minute]) I wrote, and you can check out her post to see the poem she wrote!

The prompt she gave me is… stars! 💫✨

You guys ready? Let’s go!

⭐ stars 💫

All the stars
Out twinkling brightly,
Appearing suddenly
And present nightly

The day has just come
To an end,
A brand new day
Is on the mend

Sometimes the night
Just feels so wrong,
And we wonder where
We will belong

But under the expanse
Of the dark night sky,
The stars remind us
Of the reason why

Hardships and trouble
Cannot rival
The beauty of
An encouraging smile

Be the star
In someone else’s night,
Making the wrong go
A little bit right

Aww I loved writing that! It ended up having a cool message at the end, so that was great 😂💛 (you ever just write and the story does its own thing? yeah haha) and the star divider I made is so cute!

So guess what happened? When I went to start writing a poem about stars, my train of thought went in a different direction, and a second poem was created! So stars are only mentioned in the first line, which is why I wrote the poem above that was actually about stars lol. I hope you enjoy this alternate version! 😎👍 hehe

🟠 alternate version 🌌

Every night I watch the stars,
Hoping one day we’ll shoot toward Mars –
We’ll find a way to make it there,
Soaring victoriously through the air

Maybe we’ll all be alive to see
An important human success story,
Of how we made it to another land,
With innovation and a helping hand

Can you tell that I’ve been watching a bunch of Elon Musk videos recently?? 😂 haha he’s gotten me hyped about interplanetary travel and Mars missions! He’s super brilliant and I love hearing about the ideas he has, especially his approach to leading a team, advancing in engineering and rocket science – it’s amazing.

Thanks so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed this collab, and make sure you go check out Geet’s blog!

Did you like the poems? Would you like to do a collab like this with me? Let’s chat in the comments!

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