WDYTB ⚡ // the eighth dare

Hi everybody! GUYS. This is the eighth dare of We Dare You To Blog! I can’t believe Evin and I have been doing this the entire month of May. I loved every moment of it!

Don’t know what this competition is all about? Simply click here, and if you do know what this is, buckle up! The craziness will be coming to an end soon, but there’s a bit more wackiness left! 😂

So this dare (#8) is the last dare before the Ultimate Dare Tie Breaker Round! The results of the eighth dare will determine who’s eligible to participate in the tie breaker, and ultimately you guys will go head-to-head in a dare battle for the title of Most Daring Blogger! 🤩⚡💙

Evin set up a very helpful Google Doc for us to track everyone’s scores, which you can visit below!

Click here to check out everyone’s scores so far! 🤩⚡

Let me know if I missed anyone!

Are you ready for this week’s dare? Are you?? 😆💙

The eighth dare is…

write a post where the title and post have nothing to do with each other

⚡ How does it work? Read on to find out? ⚡

  • Write a post on your blog where the title and your post are about completely different topics! 😂
  • From right NOW (May 27th) through May 31st 8:00 AM EST (four days), you’ll have time to write your post for it to qualify
  • So for an example post, you could title it something like ‘5 Awesome Tips to Succeed in School’ … but then the post goes ‘hey guys! so today I’m gonna show you some pictures of my dog! I hope you enjoy!’ then proceed to share pics of and chat about your dog without sharing any tips about how to succeed in school 😛
  • Your title can be whatever you want and the post can be about any topic you like, as long as they have nothing in common!
  • You have the chance to earn a maximum of 4 points for this dare!
    • you’ll get 2 points if you guys do this dare but tell someone on your blog or in the comments that it’s for a dare.
    • you’ll get 4 points if you write the dare post and DON’T tell anyone in the comments or a post that it’s for a dare!
  • Evin and I will like your post to let you know it’s qualified. If you don’t get those super important likes, proofread your post to check for any mistakes!

GOOD LUCK GUYS! 😍💙 Remember: this is your chance to get those crucial extra points to potentially make it into the Ultimate Dare Tie Breaker Round!

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