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snapshots & doodles from my week!

Hi guys! 💕 Yaaay my snapshots from my week series is back! 😍 I’m gonna start this off with a wee life update: my dad’s having hip surgery today. Your thoughts and prayers would be much appreciated!

To reintroduce this series on my blog, I’m going to share some doodles from my week too! That will make it where I can talk about the stuff I didn’t take pictures of 😂 Let’s go!

We’ve been going to parks when we can so Samuel and the girls can run around and have fun! I LOVE how this picture of Izzy turned out 😍💙 those overalls are just gorgeous! And her beautiful hair 💛 hehe

Janet took these very thoughtful photos the other day. I feel like it could either be depressing or positive… 😂 actually I’m gonna ask for her interpretation

*goes and talks to Janet*

Okay here’s the quote she wants to go under the pics!

“Life is full of beauty.”


We should all have that kind of optimism when we see our reflection haha!

I made banana bread! It was VERY yummy and I already have plans to make some more. 😋😂💛💙

Izzy and Elizabeth have had a lot of fun watering their flowers! I think it’s so cute that they’re enjoying taking care of them ❤️

Now it’s time for doodles from my week!

I’ve been driving a lot more recently and really enjoying it! (the doodle above is of the steering wheel and dash 😂 and those all-important AC vents lol!) My confidence in my driving abilities is strong again, and I really enjoy using my phone’s GPS to help me navigate routes I’m unfamiliar with! 😊

I’ve really been LOVING stretching! I’ve been regularly improving my flexibility and it’s been amazing. I’ve seen amazing results, but unfortunately right now I sprained my right thigh from overstretching 😕 so I’m adjusting my routine. lol I’m focusing on stretching my calves and triceps, as well as maintaining good form during stretches while my thigh heals. oh well XD

Samuel and I have been having a lot of fun watching party YouTube videos! We’ll play the ‘In or Out Slime Game,’ ‘Choose Your Gift,’ and our latest obsession has been ‘Guess the Luxury Car Logo’! 😂💕 we’ve had some good laughs and enjoyed doing that together.

Hosting We Dare You To Blog with Evin has been AMAZING! I LOVE hosting it and reading everyone’s posts for the dares has been so fun 😍💙⚡

Thank you so much for reading!

What have you been up to this week? Do you like the addition of doodles for this series? Let’s chat in the comments!

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