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awesome digital portrait reveal! ft. my best buddy’s editing skills ✨

Let’s ignore the fact that I look like Mysterio in the featured image 😂👍💕

I just started a post with my Bitmoji! 😱😂

Hi guuuuys! Guess WHAT. I have something I’m SO excited to show you!!

My wonderful blogging friend Evin offered to make a digital portrait for me! So I said sure! 💓 I had no idea how it was going to turn out, but I was really excited to see.

Well she sent me the finished portrait this afternoon, and guess what. I’m in LOVE with it!!! So I’m doing a whole post to show you guys the sheer awesomeness 🤩🌟


Here it is!

YEAH! I’m blown away by the accurate detail, and the lines are so perfect. 😍😍😍💖

Here’s the original portrait for reference!

I can’t stop looking at it!! 🤩 (well the digital portrait anyway, I don’t stare at selfies of myselfie 😂😂👏 did I just do that)

So I want to give a HUGE thank you to my best friend Evin! 💕 *gives her the biggest digital hugs ever* 💕 I love ya Evin, you’re such a great, thoughtful, creative, and nice friend! Thanks for making this portrait for me 🥰 I can’t wait to see your designing skills getting better and better!! 💖

Thanks for checking this out guys! I’ll be seeing you again soon!

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