WDYTB ⚡ // week one results & the third dare (extra credit!)

Hiya guuuuuys! This is the THIRD DARE that’s part of We Dare You To Blog! I’m having an awesome time hosting this contest with Evin. I hope you guys are having fun playing and/or seeing what happens! 😂

You can read Evin’s post for today here!

Let’s check out the posts done for dare #2!

💙 last week’s dare posts:💙

You guys each get 4 points for your posts!
Two points for doing the dare,
and two additional points for
NOT mentioning it’s for a dare.

Hattush, Heidi, Liz, Mel, Reese, Rayna, Mahitha –
we’re so sorry, your posts did not qualify.

Now let’s check out everyone’s scores so far! 🤩⚡

  • Corrie – 8 points
  • Hattush – 4 points
  • Lrose5 – 8 points
  • Chloe – 8 points
  • Sarah – 8 points
  • Perplexinglexi – 8 points
  • Reese – 4 points
  • Krisha – 8 points
  • Sarah – 8 points
  • Darby – 4 points
  • Akriti – 8 points
  • Roshni – 8 points
  • Rayna – 4 points
  • That one crazy girl – 8 points
  • DanDan – 8 points
  • Arwa – 8 points
  • Alexa – 8 points
  • Ariela – 6 points
  • Hreem – 8 points
  • Eesh – 8 points
  • Aamy – 8 points
  • Heidi – 4 points

You can also access the scores here!

Let me know if I missed a post or something, this is a lot to keep up with! 😅😂

Are you ready for this week’s dare?? (You get EXTRA CREDIT for doing it!) Let’s go!

The third day is…

Work together with
another contestant
and swap blog names for a week!

⚡ How does it work? Read on to find out! ⚡

  • Ask another WDYTB contestant if they’ll swap blog names with you for a week! (Or, if a contestant asks you this question, say yes! 😉)
  • From right NOW (May 10th) through May 16th 8:00 AM EST, you guys have to display the other’s blog name at the top of your blogs.
  • For example: if Evin and I were swapping blog names, the top of my blog would say ‘A Curly Sue’s Ramblings’ for a week, and her blog would say ‘maggie’s doodles’!
  • You’ll each have the chance to earn a maximum of 6 points for doing this dare!
    • you’ll get 4 points if you guys do this dare but tell someone on your blog or in the comments that it’s for a dare.
    • you’ll get 6 points if you guys do the dare and DON’T tell anyone in the comments or a post that it’s for a dare!
  • If you change your name back before the week’s up, you don’t get credit for this dare.
  • You can easily change your site title for this dare, then change it back after the dare is over. It won’t affect your blog address or anything!
  • To change your blog name:
    • from the Dashboard: go to Appearance, then Customize, then Site Identity, then Site Title.
    • also from the Dashboard: go to Settings, then Site title.
    • from the WP app: go to My Site, then Site Settings, then Site Title.
  • You can’t take a contestant’s blog name to get credit for this dare. You and someone else MUST swap.


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