WDYTB ⚡ // questions answered + FIRST DARE

Helloooo my friends! If you’re not sure what this post is all about, click here. 😂 Evin and I are hosting a super exciting blog competition!

Signups are now closed, so if you are a contestant: WELCOME TO WDYTB!!! And if you didn’t sign up, you are part of the Epic Audience! 👏👏👏 Give a round of applause for everyone!

So Evin and I got a lot of questions about We Dare You To Blog, some of which were answered in the comments! (click here and here to read our announcement posts.) If your question hasn’t been answered yet I’ll be doing that now!

Is my email going to stay private?

Yes! If you want to receive group email reminders for this competition, let me and Evin know that you want yours sent separately so your email is confidential. 😊

What happens if there is a tie?

There will be an ULTIMATE DARE ROUND where any ties will be victoriously broken at the end of the month! May the most daring blogger win 😂💙

Umm I don’t quite understand it. Can you explain it?

Evin and I will share eight blogging dares in May that contestants post about on their blogs! So, if the dare is “write a post where eVeRy OtHeR lEtTeR iS cApS,” you go write a post on your blog following that rule. The post can be about anything you want! If your post meets the dare’s criteria, Evin and I will like your post to let you know that it passed the test! By writing these dare posts you’ll receive points, and the contestant with the most points at the end of the competition wins the title of Most Daring Blogger! 🏆

Do I have to jump off a cliff? 😂😜😜😜😜😜

Lol nope! Although… 😏 haha just kidding. All dares will be digital – totally blog-related!

Can I do dare posts on [my two blogs]? Like a dare on one blog and a dare on the other?

Sure! Just make sure you link back to the week’s dare post so that Evin and I can find the dare post you’ve written. 😊


There you have it! Comment any other questions you have, and Evin or I will get back to you.


The first dare is…


⚡ Guidelines:

  • Write a post on your blog with the title and all words in CAPS (capital letters)
  • You have between NOW and May 6th, 8:00 AM EST (three days) to write your post for it to qualify!
  • Your post can be about anything you want – as long as it meets the dare criteria! The possibilities are limitless!
  • If your post qualifies, Evin and I will like your post! If your post does NOT meet the criteria, we won’t like it. So be on the lookout for those two super important likes!
  • Comment on this post and Evin’s post with the link to your post!
  • If you write a post in ALL CAPS but mention in the post (OR comments) that it’s for a dare, you get 2 points.
  • If you write a post in ALL CAPS but DON’T mention in the post (OR comments) that it’s for a dare, you get 4 total points!

Happy posting, guys! I can’t wait to see what you come up with 😂👏

Have any questions? Ask away!

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