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tundra & lindsey: how we met! {a stuffie story}

Hello! Today I’m so happy to get to introduce you to some new stuffie friends of mine! Their names are: Lindsey and Tundra!

Here’s the backstory: I got Lindsey recently because I love the color of her fur! (and also: squishmallows) Elizabeth got Tundra from our mom as a gift a few weeks ago! So I figured hey, this is the perfect opportunity for a photoshoot 😂

I hope you have fun reading this! 😍💙

tundra & lindsey:
how we met!

Hi! I’m Tundra!

One day, I was listening to music and having a great time! Don’t you love it when you have some free time to jam out? I do!

Next thing I know, my friends walk up! It’s Hedwig and Poppy.

“Hi Tundra!” Hedwig says, coming closer. “Whatcha doing?”

“Hey Tundra!” Poppy adds with a soft smile.

“Hi guys! I’m just listening to music!” I reply. Unable to resist, I start tapping my paw to the beat.

“Ooh what song?” Hedwig plops down and looks at my iPod.

Never Enough from The Greatest Showman soundtrack,” I say proudly.

“Oh that’s a great one!” Poppy gets all excited.

“You guys wanna hear it?” I’m getting just as excited as they are!

“Yes yes yes!” Hedwig claps her wings.

“Okay! Let me just unplug my earbuds,” I say, getting everything ready.

“AW YEAH! I love this song so much,” I squeal. I’m singing along shamelessly!

Right before Never Enough ends, we hear the bedroom door shut. We were so into the music we didn’t hear someone walk in!

“Hello!” a vibrant leopard with a happy grin greets us. “How are ya? My name’s Lindsey!”

She hops over while we all say hi. “Are you gonna be staying with us?” Hedwig’s the first to ask what’s on our minds.

“Yes!” Lindsey’s personality makes us all happy to be around her. “I’m so excited to be part of your family!”

While we’re telling her how nice it is to meet her, she notices my iPod. She gasps and says excitedly, “Is that The Greatest Showman soundtrack?”

“Yes!!” I clap my paws and smile while the final chorus of Rewrite the Stars plays. “Do you like that music?”

I love it!

Everyone cheered!

We spent the rest of the afternoon jamming out and having a great time!

I can already tell we’re gonna be best friends!

Thank you so much for reading! I had a lot of fun taking these pictures – they’re all so cute!

Can you guess what Tundra’s iPod is? 😂

It is…





… my floss container! 🤣👍 Hooray for props!

(OH and I love that the earbud fit in Tundra’s ear haha)

Thanks again for reading! Stay tuned for part two when Tundra and Lindsey interview each other, chat about their friendship, and take even more cute pictures! 🤩💙

Special thanks to Evin for helping me come up with these post ideas for Tundra and Lindsey! YOU ROCK

Do you love The Greatest Showman soundtrack? What stuffie post ideas would you like to see me do next? Let’s chat in the comments!

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