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fashion show ~ collab with diamond!

Hello! Maggie here πŸ˜‚ I wanted to pop on here for a moment to let you know that two little friends of mine are taking over my blog today! I hope you enjoy reading their post! πŸ’•

Helloooo beautiful people of Maggie’s blog! It is I, Janet the Jellyfish! πŸ’•

I am SO excited to announce that I will be the host for today’s fashion show!

It is going to be an extraordinary day!

According to Maggie, this post is part of an awesome collab event Diamond is hosting on her blog!

Wow! So what I’m hosting is part of an even larger event! I’d highly recommend checking out those amazing posts after we get done here, because they sound like so much fun!

Oh look!! Here comes our model now!

We are thrilled to introduce the newest guest on Maggie’s blog: Aurora the Build-A-Bear! She loves all things related to the ocean, her favorite color is fuscia, and she is Sparkles’ sister!

*audience starts to ask questions* Oh, I’ve just been informed that’s a story for another day. Today, let’s turn our full attention to the fashion show!

It looks like Aurora and the attendees are getting ready. I so enjoyed getting to help make this event a reality!

Aurora and her sister have been working together for a few weeks to bring you this spectacular display of the latest Build-A-Bear fashion!

Okay! Aurora is ready with the first outfit!

Aurora looks so wonderful and stylish! The dress is elegant, and the bow is very sweet too.

I love the beautiful shade of blue! It really accents the blue in Aurora’s fur.

I’m having so much fun with this, guys, you have no idea.

Oh! It’s time for the next outfit? I’m so sorry.

This is a wonderful pajama set! I love the colors, and the little word is so cute!

Ooh pretty and pink! My favorite color! That skirt is just marvelous πŸ’–

Oh, this one is just lovely! I really like the print, and that collar looks nice and fuzzy.

Whew. I’m getting kinda tired.

Oh, forgive me again! It’s time for the next outfit!

Another beautiful dress! The puffed sleeves and floral skirt are very elegant.

Aw look at these delightful overalls! I love the shade of blue and the pretty designs on the sleeves.

For our final outfit, we have this beautiful purple ensemble! The collar and stripes are so lovely.

YAY! We’ve watched the whole fashion show!

πŸ‘ *round of applause* πŸ‘

Now I have the honor of conducting a little interview with Aurora herself! I’m so excited for this! Thank you for this opportunity, Aurora πŸ₯°

Aurora, what was it like modeling for this fashion show? (her words are in bold, by the way!)

It was an incredible experience! I loved every moment of it.

That’s wonderful Aurora! I loved it too. Which outfit was your personal favorite?

Thank you, Janet. My personal favorite outfit was the very first one! The vibrant pink dress, paired with a headband that gives the ensemble a beautiful feminine feel, is so wonderful. It’s very comfortable to wear, as well!

Ooh I adore comfortable clothing! I’d so enjoy wearing an outfit like that myself.

Maybe you can do a fashion show with us another time, Miss Janet!

Oh I’d love that! Thank you for thinking of me, Aurora!

You’re very welcome!

Thank you so much for coming to my fashion show today, friends! It’s very nice to meet you all, and I can’t wait to get to know you better!

I have asked Sparkles to kindly let me know which outfit of hers was my favorite! So the honorary winner from today’s show is…

This one! I love that it won, because it is comfortable, but also trendy and chic!

Sparkles is also doing a fashion show on Build-A-Bears Furever! If you enjoy coming to my show, I sincerely recommend you attend Sparkles’, as well. πŸ’–

Before you go, here’s a lovely little slideshow featuring the outfits I modeled in today!

Let me know in the comments! Which outfit/s are your favorite? And please share any questions you have for me or Janet!

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