snapshots from my week | shopping, planes, & candy

Hi!! I hope you’re doing wonderfully 💕 This is the latest post here on maggie’s doodles, the creative lifestyle blog where I share creative and inspirational snippets from my life!

Let’s check out my snapshots from last week 😍

It’s been a while since I wore these earrings, so I decided to put them on again! 💕 I love wearing dangly earrings and I’d like to create a little collection of them soon. 😍

This. This right here, is my favorite tag. 😂 I used to quote Jack Black’s line from School of Rock all the time: “See you on the flip-flap.” 🤘 lol so this hilarious tag reminds me of that!

Samuel loves taking pictures of us taking pictures of each other now. 😂👏

We went to Trader Joooooe’s! It’s been six months 😎😂 and now we are well-supplied with treats and goodies again! I sent my mom pictures of different flower bouquets for her to choose one, and the one above was my personal favorite. 💐

Random(ish) pic of the jam and preserves section! 😋🍇💕 I love the pretty labels, and the preserves on the middle shelf remind me of some awesome streusel bars I made a few years ago! YUM

We all got this to try (kind of as a joke) after Trader Joe’s! I mainly loved it for the packaging 🤣💖 Samuel actually liked the drink the most! It was okay…? kinda like a spICy bubbly fruit drink lol

Here’s an interesting little decor collage! lol. I wanted to show you my cute Easter decorations! 😍💜 I have little spring-y accents all around the room.

I helped Izzy make a blanket fort! Look how happy she is in it! 😂😍💕 it was super cozy and the perfect Izzy size.

See this super cute backpack? I bought it! 🤩 haha I seriously love the size and shade of blue. So it’s now my going-somewhere-to-exercise backpack! But I may take it other places too lol 😂 (future edit: I did lol)

Interesting angle of my riding setup to tell ya I went biking with Joshua! 😂🚲💕 we had a great time, I ate a healthy snack afterwards, we listened to awesome music on the way home – life’s good.

Elizabeth invited me to draw with her one evening, so I drew this tree! It’s actually one of the most realistic trees I’ve ever drawn 😂💕 I love the bubbly-shaped leaves! Oh, and can you spot the caterpillar?

I bought myself a Nintendo SWITCH! 😍💙❤️ here’s the story:

Joshua and I went to Game Stop because I had some store credit to spend. I told him I wanted to find a new PS4 game to play, to which he reluctantly pointed out that console doesn’t even have the types of games I like playing. He was right. 😂

He then offhandedly suggested, You could always get a Switch, so I was like yeah we’ll see lol. I’d yet to buy my own game system, since I usually make do with whatever console my family buys. But recently, there kept being gaps of free time in my day, and I didn’t know what to do with them! So it was the perfect time to get a new game… or, a game system!

We got into Game Stop the moment they opened (they have new pandemic hours, so they open at noon every day now), and we found out they had two Switches in. I browsed the games with Joshua, thought about the cost, how many games I’m likely to enjoy, etc, and I decided to buy a Switch! I’ve purchased one game so far – Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening! I love the graphics, game objective (save Link from the cute world he’s ‘stuck’ in lol) – everything about it!

Here are the goodies we got from a vending machine on our recent road trip! I loooove all the colors in this pic 😍

Here’s our travel destination: the aviation museum! 😂✈️ We had a great time. It rained quite a bit, Samuel and I took a bunch of pictures, and we got pizza afterward!

Samuel shared a post on his blog of our trip! Click here to check it out 😊❤️

Thank you so much for reading! I had a really great time last week! I enjoyed going places with Joshua, going on two family trips, playing Link’s Awakening, and getting more comfortable driving! 💕

What did you do last week? Which picture/s were your favorite? Let’s chat in the comments!

34 thoughts on “snapshots from my week | shopping, planes, & candy”

  1. Wow, Maggie! I absolutely loved reading this post!❤ Those earrings are SO CUTE!😍 That drink looks so adorable, but I don’t know if it would taste all the delicious…🙃 Also, I love the backpack! Have a great day!🌈

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    1. Aw thank you!! 😍 the drink’s design was way better than the taste lol. I wish the packaging had been for a strawberry lemonade instead! 😂👏 thanks so much! and I wish the same to you!

      Liked by 1 person

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