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doodle profiles & a short story | creative collab ft. pottahwand!

Hi there! I’m so glad to see you! This is the latest post on maggie’s doodles, the creative space where I share inspiration, funny photoshoots, life stories, and more! Today I have a VERY special guest joining me!

PottahWand and I have been working on a collab that we’re very excited to present to you! We have combined our artistic forces (😂) to put together an awesome creative collab. Click here to read her post! 💕

Here is PottahWand’s introduction! Take it away!:

Ello! I’m PottahWand, and I am SO, SO excited about this blog collab me and Maggie are doing! I live on Earth and I have a (slightly) annoying little sister that pesters me to play with her! I am INFP-T, a Hufflepuff and a die-hard Potterhead! I love blogging, reading, drawing and writing! That’s basically all there is to know about me! So, let’s get onto the next part of the post! ⏭️

You heard PottahWand! Let’s go! 😂👉

doodle profiles

For the first part of this post, you’ll get to see three new doodles I drew, complete with the unique profiles PottahWand came up with for them!

Name: Adira    Favourite Colour/Color: Turquoise    Lives In: Ocean
Age: 17     Heritage: Greece    Likes To Eat: Seaweed and sea plants

Backstory: I was on a walk on a beach, when I found this shiny pebble. I wanted to be a geologist when I grew up, so I wanted to check it out. When I touched it, I had this fiery sensation in my mouth, so I took out my water bottle to drink some water, and then I found I was a mermaid! (Luckily I was near the ocean, so I could push myself in.) It’s not nice turning into a mermaid, but after the years I can manage it better. (I go back to my family after a few days.)

Names: Dakota (left) and Sereno (right)
Favourite Colours/Colors: Any! We love all of them!
Age: Both are 13 Heritage: USA Live In: Massachusetts, USA
Like To Eat: Burgers and pizza!

Backstory: So, we’re both cosplayers, and a year ago, we were at this tea party cosplay event, and Dakota dressed as the March Hare, and I dressed as the Mad Hatter. We teamed up together to try and win the event, and we did! Ever since we’ve been really good friends!

Names: Apricot (left, dog) and Nala (right, cat) Live in: UK
Ages: 1 in dog and cat years Favourite food: Chicken, tuna.

Backstory: While they get on very well, Nala and Apricot don’t live in the same house. Their owners regularly visit each other and bring their pets with them.

Aww I loved reading those backstories and profiles, PottahWand! Don’t you guys think she did a great job with the characters? 🤩💜

Now it’s time for a…

short story

PottahWand sent me this really cool illustration she made, and I wrote a short story inspired by it!

Easing her cumbersome school bag to the other arm, Aria walked up the sidewalk to the library. It had been a long day and she wanted to go home. What stopped her from turning onto her street after leaving school was the possibility of checking out that one particular book from the library. She figured it would be checked out, once again, since her entire class was talking about it, but she had to try.

Aria smiled as she thought back to the synopsis. ‘FlameTails’ by Bethany Ticket was the story of a mother fox and her kit, and in the story a girl with flaming red hair discovers them abandoned in a box. It’s up to the girl, named Arina, to return them to the Guard, an enchanted man who kept the entire Fuega universe in order.

One reason she wanted to read FlameTails was because of all the hype. But she also had to read the story for herself because what she’d heard of Arina reminded her so much of herself – and their names were almost identical! Being a storyteller at heart, Aria would have fun pretending that she was going on an epic adventure to get those foxes back to their rightful owner.

Now she approached the library doors, but the Free Book box sitting outside caught her eye. She never ended up liking the books that got tossed aside in there – it had turned into a Trash Books box, more like it – but she could have sworn she’d seen movement. Was that – no, it couldn’t be.

She dropped the handle of the library’s front door and approached the box. You’re kidding, she thought.

A fox lay curled up in the box, and a little kit scratched at the sides of the cardboard. Aria blinked.

Instinctively, she looked around. Maybe someone was pranking her. Maybe she was going to be on a TV show!

Then, at the edge of the woods, she spotted a strange-looking tree. Welp, it wasn’t a tree. It was a man in a thick tan cloak. Staring at her.

What’s going on? Aria thought. Then, everything around her turned to white. All that remained were the two foxes sitting in front of her… waiting to be guided home.

WASN’T THAT LEGENDARY?? I just wrote it but I wanna find out what happens next, haha

Thank you SO much for reading our collab! I had a lot of fun working with PottahWand. Make sure you go by her blog! She shares her artwork, fun posts that are enjoyable to read, and more! We just met in the blogosphere so I need to get more familiar with her content 😂💕

Which doodle was your favorite? Isn’t her artwork adorable? Let’s chat in the comments!

bonus: feel free to ask my doodles any questions! They’d be more than happy to chat with you!

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  1. Wow, I can finally see the doodles! Their soo cute Maggie and Pottahwand! I tried to see it from Pottahwand’s perspective, but I couldn’t see your doodles! I can, now 😅

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