my dad’s in the hospital | life update

Hey guys! I’ve already published another post today, but I want to share this short one as well.

(future update: he was admitted to the hospital on March 1st and was discharged that Thursday afternoon [the 4th]. He responded well to the blood pressure medication and the antibiotics are helping him heal from the skin infection he has. Thanks so much for your prayers and support! ❤️)

I was debating over whether or not to post it, but I eventually decided to because I want my blog to reflect my real life. 💕 This is a tough situation my family and I are going through and your prayers and support would be much appreciated. ☺️

My dad had to go to the hospital last night because he had an unexplained fever, chills, and muscle soreness. We didn’t know what was happening but his temperature kept climbing and he was growing increasingly uncomfortable. So my mom took him to the hospital to have bloodwork done to see if they could identify the infection or illness he was fighting off.

He’s had scans and tests done but they don’t know what’s happening yet. They admitted him to the hospital to continue caring for him and figuring out the source of his fever.

While I’m worried about him, I’m putting my focus on how I can help my family today, and putting my trust in the Lord to care for us. So this situation is hard for us, but I’m finding peace in doing what I can today 😊💛

This verse really comforted me last night:

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight.” – Proverbs 3:5-6

Thank you for being a reader of my blog 💜 your support means a lot to me! I’ll let you guys know how things are going again soon, but for now this is what my family and I are facing.

Note: check the comments for updates! I’ve shared more info as the situation changes ❤️

50 thoughts on “my dad’s in the hospital | life update”

    1. Thank you Addie! 💙 (I’m gonna share an update soon, but he’s doing so much better and he’ll probably come home tomorrow! ☺️) thank you for the prayers! Love you too!

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    1. Thank you Nicole 💛 that was a really rough situation for all of us, but he got to come home after a couple days! He’s feeling much better now 😊❤️


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