snapshots from my week | watercolor, springtime, & creativity

Hi and welcome back! I actually had another post planned for today, but I needed more time to work on it. Because of that, I shifted stuff around, and now I’m back with another snapshots from my week post! 💕 The other post will be coming out on Thursday, which I’m sooo excited about 😍 I can’t wait for you to see it!

I loved writing the first snapshots post last week, and I’m stoked about chatting about the new pics I’ve taken. Let’s check them out now!

I bought this planner to backward plan my blog posts in! I’ve been learning more about my blogging style recently, and when I noticed that I get really excited about blogging when I write posts ahead of time, I started doing that! I also like using calendars to track what’s been done, not what I’m going to do, because then there’s nothing to shift around; it is what it is. 😂💕

Samuel and I were joking around about funny poses I could strike to take pictures of my planner with, lol! None of those happened, but we did capture this gem.

I was chilling just outside, watching Samuel and the girls, while filling in the blog posts I published in February! I had fun tracking all of them: going back and getting the dates, picking the marker that best matched the featured image I made for each post, then writing them down. Little things like this make me excited to blog in the future and fuels my post ideas!

Random pic I took when I opened RookieCam and it captured my surroundings 😂 her little shoes are just so cute! 💕

Ooh look, we got some more gems! 😂❤️ While playing Uno with Samuel and our dad, I suggested we stack Draw cards! Sadly, one of the first rounds we played with the new rule, I had to draw EIGHT. Scary stuff 🤣 (the next day, Samuel had to draw sixteen!!!)

When the girls were doing watercolor paint the other day, I joined in and painted this! I’ve had the idea for this art for a LONG time, so finally doing it felt really good 😂💕 it’s called, simply: ‘Seasons‘!

Here’s the second one I painted! When my mom saw it, she said “ahh, little goldfish swimming in the sea” 😂 they’re caught in the current, more like haha. I’ll call this one ‘Swimming‘ because until I have greater inspiration for creatively naming my paintings, literal it is! lol

When Joshua and our mom were going on a dessert run after dinner, my mom spotted a toad hopping in the gravel outside! I caught it for a bit and Samuel, the girls and I all had fun watching it. I got some cool pictures, like this one of the toad doing yoga!

I encouraged Izzy to come and feel the grass in our front yard, and we had fun doing that! I got this cute picture of us exploring nature. 💚 on another note, the spring-y weather we’ve gotten here in Georgia recently has been sooo beautiful! Rain’s coming in for the beginning of this week, but the nice breeze and cool temperatures we got to have for a few days was very nice.

I thought it was sooo cute when Izzy climbed up onto the chair with Elizabeth and gave her a kiss and hug! The moment ended before I could get my phone out, so I requested a reenactment lol.

Look at Izzy’s BEAUTIFUL, swirly curly ponytail! I always love her ponytails, as they’ve got spunk and pizzazz 😂💕💕

I’ve really been enjoying reading ebooks recently on KindleUnlimited! When I wanted to get back into kindle-reading, I went to pay the price for a month and discovered my family and I had a two-months free redeemable offer. 🤩💜 awesome stuff! Right now I’m reading Rescuing Lord Inglewood by Sally Britton. Have you read anything by her? I’m really liking this one so far!

Thanks sooo much for reading! I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s posts, and I’ll look forward to seeing you again tomorrow.

Which book have you been reading recently? What did you get up to last week? Let’s chat in the comments!

18 thoughts on “snapshots from my week | watercolor, springtime, & creativity”

  1. Ooh, cool! I love your paintings.
    I also enjoy planning for blog posts. 🙂
    Ooh, books! I’m currently reading The Stolen Kingdom by Bethany Atazadeh.(which is free on Amazon today!) I’m really enjoying it so far.

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