let’s talk personality: introvert VS extrovert

Hello! I hope you’re having a beautiful day! ❤ I’ve been thinking about doing this blog series for a little bit, so I’m really happy to bring you the first installment today! 🥳💕

Let’s Talk Personality is a four-part series in which I’ll be digging a bit deeper into the elements of our personalities! I’ve been interested in this topic for the past few years, and I really enjoy learning more about it.

I’d like for these posts to help us understand ourselves better, so that we can know how cool, unique, and interesting each of us are! ❤️

First, I’ll talk a little bit about the day’s topic. Then I’ll share five prompts about what we’re discussing and answer them myself. To finish, I’ll invite you to share your answers to the questions in the comments!

Let’s get going with the first part of the personality identification: introversion VS extroversion!

introvert VS extrovert

Ahh – those are two big labels with huge stereotypes that immediately come to mind.

Introvert: doesn’t like people, loves being alone.

Extrovert: doesn’t like being alone, loves people.

There cannot possibly only be these two types of people! 😂 So let’s dig a bit deeper, shall we?

There’s a little bit of an extrovert and some of an introvert in all of our personalities! Depending on the day, who you’re with, how comfortable you are, and what you’re thinking about, your responses may be more introverted, or extroverted. The scale exists as a means of measuring which one we lean toward the most often.

And like this super cool article says: you can’t pick which one you are; your brain does that. 🤣 so as we explore our personalities, let’s research with an open mind! Learning about who we are isn’t like building a character profile; it’s discovering what already exists within us.

Let’s check out my answers to the prompts!

introvert VS extrovert:
the prompts + my answers

#1: Extroverts are hungry for stimuli, while introverts have much in store

Ooh this is an interesting way of determining which one you lean toward! Ok I’m totally an introvert in this area. Just like you can see in my blogging, I’m very giving because I have sooo many ideas! I love sharing what I’ve learned, inspiration I’ve had, and passing on entertainment, motivation, and encouragement. Introvert: check!

#2: Introverts take the long way, while extroverts take the shortcut

I think in most situations (i.e. implementing a new routine, starting a new hobby, beginning a project), I’ll take the long way! I like to gather all my resources, get the boring details out of the way first, then begin with the fun stuff.

With this blog series you’re reading right now (😂), I got the titles and featured images up and finished. I then tagged the drafts, decided on which day of the week I want these published, then figured out how I wanted to format the posts. THEN I began writing!

When I tried to write first, I found myself distracted by all the monotonous work that needed to go into the series. Once I got those to-do’s out of the way, I excitedly got to the fun stuff. Introvert: check!

#3: Introverts and extroverts react differently to human faces

Bro what?? 😂 who knew! (personality experts, I guess)

This is from the article I’ve been reading: “When given a picture of human face and a picture of the wild nature, extroverts reach more vigorously to the human face one. Introverts, on the other hand, respond fairly the same to both pictures.” (source)

I’m not sure how I’d test this myself lol, but if I had to guess, I’d say when I see a living creature (humans and animals), my response to both would be fairly similar. Introvert: check!

#4: Extroverts speak to sort through their ideas, and introverts do this mentally

Ooooh yup, I be introverted! Most of my ideas are sorted, considered, discarded, etc. in me mind. Only the tried-and-true ideas make it past my lips. 😂 There are times, however, when I’ll have brainstorming conversations with my mom where we’re both bouncing ideas off each other. But the rest of the time, I do all the sorting mentally. Introvert: check!

#5: Introverts learn by observing, extroverts learn by living

Another check for introversion! When I was younger, doing science experiments for school did not help me to understand what was happening. I got just as much out of (if not more) from reading about what chemical reaction is occurring in the experiment, rather than seeing or doing it for myself. My brother was the opposite; he really loved hands-on learning! But I learn most efficiently through observation and being presented with the facts. Introvert: check!

my score: introvert 5, extrovert 0

That was surprisingly conclusive! 😂 In the past, I’ve thought that because I love people, riding roller coasters, and trying new things, I might be an extrovert. But digging a little deeper has helped me to see that I have some extroverted qualities, but I’m an introvert at heart.

I was just hesitant to find that out because I don’t like the big stereotypes for either. But I want to happily embrace who I am, however ‘intro’ or ‘extra’ that may be! 😆💜

Thank you soooo much for reading! I hope you have a lovely time keeping up with this series; it has been informative and a joy to write.

List of prompts for you to answer:

  • 1: Extroverts are hungry for stimuli, while introverts have much in store
  • 2: Introverts take the long way, while extroverts take the shortcut
  • 3: Introverts and extroverts react differently to human faces
  • 4: Extroverts speak to sort through their ideas, and introverts do this mentally
  • 5: Introverts learn by observing, extroverts learn by living

Are you an introvert or an extrovert? What are your answers to the prompts? Let’s chat in the comments!

helpful resource I used: What Makes The Differences Between Introverts and Extroverts? – Lifehack

28 thoughts on “let’s talk personality: introvert VS extrovert”

  1. Oh, this is an awesome post! I was an introvert on all of these except #4! I actually talk through things when I’m trying to figure out an idea. 😂 But I so relate to most of these points–as well as the whole post. XD Thanks for sharing!

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  2. Haha! This was actually really fun. On the first three, I got introvert, and the last 2 I got extrovert… I’ve always known that I can for sure be half & half. If I’m with people that I know really well and am comfortable around, I’m a TOTAL extrovert. But in groups of people who I don’t know, or even just with someone I don’t know very well, I’m a total introvert! XD

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