adventures in texture: week 2 *updated reviews*

Hello and welcome BACK to my blog! I realized yesterday that it’s been too long since I shared a current doodle here. I did the ‘doodling the kind way‘ series, but because I pre-doodled those (is that a term lol), it’s going on two weeks since I drew something. So here’s one I just did!

This is Bob, my doodle maintenance guy. He promises to get more doodles up and published very soon! The technical difficulties presented by COVID-19 have created some minor setbacks, but he and I are working together. I appreciate his assistance.

And now! On to today’s post 🙂

I’m continuing my adventures in texture: the journey of no taste or smell series today! You can read the first post here. I agreed to publish one of these every Friday until my taste and smell returns. It’s been twelve days since I fully had those two senses, and I miss them dearly. It feels like way more than twelve days. 🤣

Oh and another thing! I recently guest posted on Roshni’s blog, where I shared some interesting word doodles. You can check that out here! And I published an article on Living the Blogging Life yesterday about growing your blog.

adventures in texture

Has my ability to smell or taste changed at all since last week?

Yes – depending on the day and food, I can taste a bit more than I could last Friday. But my nose is still missing in action. I really thought for some reason that my sense of smell would return first, then my taste, but the opposite’s true for now. My tongue is willing but my nose is weak 😂

So for example, I’ve been having coffee every morning all through this sensory loss. For over a week, all I could sense from it was the creaminess of the half & half. But yesterday and today, my tongue can now pick up a bit of the sugariness!

I spend like 40% of my waking hours thinking about my tongue and nose, unfortunately 😂

Do I have any food cravings?

I’ve thought about a few things I wanted to taste (i.e. frosted brownies, cake lol), but when I remembered I wouldn’t enjoy it the way I used to, the craving disappeared.

Do I feel hungry/thirsty?

I only feel thirsty after having something very salty (which I can’t even taste 🙃 lol), and I just started feeling hunger again for the past few days! Yesterday at lunch, I went back for more food because I felt actual hunger, which hadn’t happened for well over a week. I was so happy that my body was requesting more food instead of quietly accepting whatever I gave it, haha. *pats belly happily*

Have any of my food ratings changed since being able to taste a bit more?

YES! I’m very happy to report that I’ve enjoyed food a bit more every day this past week. There were a few pathetic dishes I had (which you’ll find in the one star section lol), but most food was more fun to eat than it was in the week before.

a word on peaches

peaches: my only hope 😂

Last Saturday at lunch, I had a little bowl of canned peaches… and I could TASTE/SENSE them! Just a bit! The sweet, tangy flavor made my tongue light up only briefly, but it was there, and it hadn’t been the last time I tried canned fruit. I had a glass of blue Gatorade shortly after that, and my taste buds responded to the flavor, but maybe only 7% of my tasty sense was working. I was very excited to have this glimmer of hope! 😂🧡

Now let’s look at my food ratings!

my food ratings

1 star: aka no salt, no point 😂

MACARONI & CHEESE: *weeps quietly* ever met a pile of creamy, mushy pasta – but with NO FLAVOR? *twilight zone theme*

GRITS: EW. I sprinkled some salt and cheese on top just for the heck of it, but I think that made it worse. #grittymush

PB&J SANDWICH: the more I had this, the grosser it got. blëgh

COCONUT POPSICLES: two words: ice on a stick. Wait-

2 stars: I’d eat it again
but there’s really no reason to 🙃

CORNBREAD: the margarine was nice, but when isn’t it lol

CRESCENT DOGGIES: also known as pigs-in-a-blanket, but that’s my mom’s word for ’em! They were ok but not fantabulous

CHEESE CUBES: I got these at the store the other day because I’ve missed them dearly, but after having a few, I now miss them in a different way lol. They lit up the sides of my tongue most unpleasantly, and I regret to classify them from this unfortunate standpoint. I shall enjoy them again at a later date, rectifying my review. *peasant grin*

3 stars: ok I’m a little impressed 🙌

PASTA SALAD: like it was nice, but the most enjoyment I got out of it was remembering how it used to taste when I eat it. 🙄 le sigh hah

SIDE SALAD: when I’m sick I kind of feel turned off by greens, because they can affect my stomach poorly. So I didn’t have many salads this past week, but they were alright.

CANNED PEARS: I liked them okay, but the coldness kind of smacked my teeth lol

HONEY CHICKEN + RAMEN: I was looking forward to this but it was a leeeetdooown. *womp womp*

YOGURT: I’ve been having this most days just for kicks, and it’s ok (except for when I come across squishy blueberries eww)

CINNAMON LIFE: I’ve been having this for breakfast every morning after we ran out of Frosted Mini Wheats, and they’re pretty good.

WAVY LAYS + DIP: I still like having these, but I think I can attribute my acne outburst to this unfortunate duo. So I’ve cut back.

4 stars: worth it, would eat again 🥨

PIZZA: YAY it’s higher on my list again! *high fives my baby* my mom made some flatbread pizzas, and we also had a pineapple pizza a few nights ago. I really liked the pineapple, and the texture of the cheese with the dough and everything was really nice. I also had barbecue chicken pizza yesterday, and it was yummy as well.

QUARTER POUNDER W/ CHEESE + FRIES: Micky D’s! I wasn’t sure if I’d like it, but I eally enjoyed it. And the fries were nice as well!

HOMEMADE BURGER + FRIES: and by homemade, I mean frozen, pre-cooked, and I heated them both up last night. 😂 But it was yummayyy!

COFFEE: like I previously mentioned, the creamy sugariness is enjoyable!

SALISBURY STEAK + MASHED POTATOES + GREEN BEANS + CRESCENT ROLL: I’m including all of these together because Mom made this for dinner a few nights ago and it was lovely! Aside from me overeating a bit because I just had to clear off my plate, I really enjoyed this dinner.

CANNED PEACHES: but I’ve been saving them for the girls. After my happy weekend experience, I really should have another cup of these lol

5 stars: ok you’re my new best friend 👭

CHEEZ-ITS: the texture was nice and some of the flavor carried! I usually think they’re kind of gross so I was happy to find something I enjoyed eating lol

MAPLE & BROWN SUGAR OATMEAL: my mom had this for a snack yesterday so I had a bowl, too. After the tragic Grits experience, I was hesitant to have oatmeal because I thought it would be another letdown (idk why. Because they’re both breakfast food? and we store them on the same pantry shelf? lol). But it was GOOD! I could sense the sweetness and I enjoyed it immensely.

Yeah, not many foods made my five-star list. Despite this, I have been enjoying food a bit more recently! And I’m really thankful for that.

I’m very ready to get my senses back, but until that day, I’ll keep writing these posts and looking on the optimistic, funny side. 😊💛 Thanks for reading!

Which of my new food ratings surprised you the most? Have you ever lost your taste and/or smell? Let’s chat in the comments!

19 thoughts on “adventures in texture: week 2 *updated reviews*”

  1. Awwww way to be optimistic about this, sis!! And I am glad to hear that your sense of smell and taste are slowly coming back!! Praying for a quick recovery!!
    Funny thing is when I had COVID-19 back in October, I got a lot of the symptoms, but loosing my sense of taste or smell, but it was for sure Corona.. lol..
    But, way to look on the bright side! Love this creative series!
    -kaelyn 😛

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Love this ‘series’!! I had Covid in January, and lost both my taste and smell as well. Strangely enough, I STILL can’t fully taste and smell… And what taste I do have, is definitely not the same as before XD So happy to know that someone else has gone through the “Only textures” faze of life lol!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Amber! Aww that’s unfortunate 😦 I think that’s probably gonna happen to me too. My taste and smell are probably going to be weird/distorted for quite a while! 😂
      Yeah! What a weird time to be alive lol. Who knew a virus could do something like this??

      Liked by 1 person

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