covid-19: my experience

Hey guys! Well… it happened. Yesterday I tested positive for COVID-19.

After a few days of having a low-grade fever, body aches, and a sore throat, I lost my seNSES OF TASTE AND SMELL *cry* and it’s confirmed; I got the ‘rona.

I suppose it was gonna happen eventually. And that time is right now. 🥲 (I’ve never used that emoji before and I probably never will again)

I was having a throbbing headache and my throat felt pretty bad over the weekend, but I’ve been good yesterday and today! I don’t even feel sick… just… no smell… or taste 😂😭 oh well. I’m just waiting around for my senses to return to meeeee

Samuel and Elizabeth got positive tests, too. They both seem to be feeling pretty good today. And my mom’s slowly getting sick… my dad may have already had it since he had a few fevers last week. And we don’t know if Joshua’s getting it or not.

I’m really finding how awesome different textures of food are. Like, I’m obsessed right now with cold food, warm food, crispy food, crunchy food – all the components that make up enjoying eating without the flavor present. It’s super strange but also a unique experience. I like it and don’t at the same time.

You should have seen my face yesterday when I took a drink of Gatorade and forgot my condition. I was like 😳 oh yeah hahahhh

So you’ll see me around again soon! My kindness series is still in progress (I got all the posts scheduled and ready to go on Sunday 😆) and now I’m just taking it easy, dreaming about tasting and smelling again. It’s so strange

Here’s a selfie I took just a minute ago:

I don’t look or feel sick 😂

So that’s an update on us! If things change I’ll post another update. 💕 bye!

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