my lip balm collection!

Hi guys!! I hope you’re having an awesome day ❤ Today I’m gonna be chatting about my lip balm collection with you! 😀

I was inspired to write this post after my latest lip balm purchase, lol.

just look at them pretties!!

I’ve really enjoyed wearing eos lip balm since 2014! I used to get different ‘flavors’ (why is it called that 😂) from their sphere line, but the shape of those actually affected my chapped lips more. 😣 So now I only get the sticks!

I bought most of my little eos collection from Ingles, because I love that store and they have a chapstick/lip balm display RIGHT where I walk 😂 so every time I go I’m like “ooh! lip balm!”

I always wear this lip balm in the winter, and now I REALLY wear it (sometimes even when it’s not cold outside) because I get what I call #masklips. There’s something about wearing a mask that dries out my mouth and chaps my lips. 🤔 so I make sure to keep a few eos products in my purse at all times!

(except for while in the process of shooting these pictures because I had to keep them all together haha…)

I included my pretty new notebook in this photoshoot as well! 😄💕 It’s SO beautiful, legit 😂, and really complements my February blog design. (Read more about that here!)

Now we’re gonna chat about the different flavors I have at the moment!

1. strawberry sorbet! ~ Oh my ACTUAL goodness. I can’t describe how perfect this one is. It smells like a strawberry wafer!! I really love it 😀

2. strawberry peach! ~ this one’s pretty awesome as well, and smells like a cross between fruit and perfume!

3. toasted marshmallow! ~ it’s taking me a bit to warm up to, as it smells JUST like a candle. It feels unnatural to have on my lips lol.

4. mango melonade! ~ ok… honest review, this one’s my least favorite. I was hoping it would be nice and mango-y (😂🧡) but it’s only faintly fruity and has a strong, plantlike kick. Oh here’s the product description!: “tropical mango nectar with cantaloupe agua fresca and a subtle hint of sweet ginger.” yeah that ‘agua fresca’ stuff and “sweet” ginger doesn’t smell too nice haha

5. vanilla bean! ~ a classic! 😍

I love how photogenic the lip balms are! 😂❤️

While looking up the names of the ones I have, I found some new lip balm flavors I’d like to get one day! Check these out: pineapple passionfruit, watermelon frosé, and peppermint mocha! Don’t those sound divine?

Thank you sooo much for reading this post! I had a blast with it and I love how well the photos match my blog’s color theme 😄💕

What’s your favorite lip balm flavor? Do you have any eos products? Let’s chat in the comments!


  1. Hahaaa this post was so cute to read! I definitely love buying lip balms all the time and whenever I can but I always forget to use them 😭I kinda keep them out in plain sight so I remember to use some lol. My favourite flavour (now that you mention it, flavour is quite funny to use hahah) is probably vanilla but strawberry sorbet sounds amazing ❤️ xx

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