how i’m learning to play the piano keyboard

Hello! I hope you’re having an awesome day. ❤ Today on maggie’s doodles, we’re talking about playing the piano!

Here’s a little backstory so you can
get to know my musical history ( 😉😂 )

When I was 10, I loved playing Guitar Hero on our PS2! I caught onto it really well, which got me super hyped about playing the real electric guitar someday.

After becoming inspired watching Hunter Hayes’ Storm Warning music video (this post has so many nostalgic vibes for me already), my dad helped me buy a boootiful black and white electric guitar in 2013. I named it Harper, bought a beautiful guitar strap, and started trying to learn!

Well… that didn’t work out. My self-teaching attempt didn’t work, because stringed instruments kind of confuse me at this point.

But it was so weird… how could I fabulously 😂 play Guitar Hero, and then I couldn’t even play a simple chord on my actual guitar?

Here’s why: how I learned to ‘play’ the guitar on the game was by using a play style similar to keys on a piano.

Thus, my guitar-playing dreams were shelved (at least for now) and in 2017, I discovered that I can learn how to play the piano keyboard very easily!

Growing up, I actually found listening to piano music quite boring. 😆 I learned (kind of) how to play The Star-Spangled Banner and O Holy Night on our little piano keyboard, but that was it.

I hadn’t yet learned how awesome it feels to be able to play a song you love yourself!

So as a kid, my interest in the piano was very minimal.

But then in 2017, I started learning about chords and scales! …which got repetitive fast. BUT I could play a little something, which was more than I could do on the guitar lol. I learned the two chords from Jordan Feliz’s song How Long and had fun playing that and singing along!

But then my life got challenging in more than one way in 2018 and 2019, and then corona changed life as we know it in 2020, so my piano-playing days were few and far between. hah

Okay actually, I went a little too far. In 2019 I found out about Synthesia piano tutorials. Doesn’t that sound fancy? Synthesiaaaaa 😀 anyway, using that piano learning method, I learned how to play a pop song, and The Munsters and Addams Family themes, and after that I stopped learning again for a while.

My hands got tired pretty quickly, and any time I learned a new song, it was mentally tiring on a different level than I was used to.

So I took time off!

Then, in March of 2020, one of the hobbies I picked up again in quarantine was learning piano songs! This was the time period when my musical abilities really flourished, haha.

I learned how to play my favorite songs (which I’ll share in a minute); my singing ability got stronger as I became more familiar with notes and pitches; and I even taught myself a few songs by ear. It was a super awesome time and I loved it so much.

my favorite songs to play

Now I’m going to give you a list of my favorite songs to play, along with the links to their respective tutorials! Woot-woot!

*goes to play the piano for a minute because I literally can’t remember what I play until I sit down to do it 😂*

my favorite tutorial channels

If you’re interested in learning to play the piano keyboard yourself, these channels are a great place to start!

piano playing tips & tricks

Get the app Tuner Light! This cool thing helps me to sing notes more clearly and find the notes I want to play on the piano. So for example, I’ll sing the Star Wars theme slowly and match notes the app registered (as long as I’m singing on key 😂) on the piano!

You can slow down/speed up YouTube tutorials by going to video Settings > Playback speed! This is helpful for when I’m learning a difficult part of a song. I’ll slow it down to learn a section, then bring it back to normal speed once I’m getting the hang of it!

All you need to start is a piano keyboard and a device to bring up the tutorials on! It surprised me how little I needed to get started playing the piano! I just bring up the song I want to learn on my Kindle Fire and position it above the keys.

Once I know which octave/s to play in, I turn down my tablet’s volume. This isn’t required, but I know I would get confused if I was hearing my tablet dink away while I’m trying to learn a song bahaha

Depending on the difficulty of the song, I’ll learn the left and right hand notes together or separately. Usually, I learn the right hand notes first because they sound the most like the song I’m learning. Since the left hand is either a mirror of the chorus or the complementary notes, I typically learn it second. Just experiment with each song you’re playing and go with what helps you learn it most efficiently!

Find the genre/s YOU love to play most! I personally love playing movie and TV show themes, as well as some pop songs! It’s not the traditional way of playing, but it’s the way I love so that’s why I do it 😂

Thanks so much for reading! I had fun chatting about the piano with you today ❤ let me know if you have any questions! I’d be happy to help a fellow piano player if I can 😄💕

Do you play the piano? What’s a song you’d love to learn how to play? Let’s chat in the comments!

31 thoughts on “how i’m learning to play the piano keyboard”

  1. I love your list of piano songs~ Finally something other than classical and Baroque pieces haha I already checked out the Mii and Universal Studios theme songs😂 Playing the keyboard is such a great hobby to pick up, especially during the quarantine season!! I actually played when I was a looooot younger, stopped for many years, and came back to my piano in 2018. In the past few months I’ve been busy with school and haven’t been playing piano. Hopefully I’ll have more time when I get a break! Keep up your hobby, Maggie!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw thank you! I have so much fun playing them 😂 yes it really is a great hobby! I’ll take breaks from playing, but it’s always really exciting when I come back to it. I hope you’ll be able to soon! Thanks Stella!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Great post, Maggie!!💛 I also can’t remember which songs I can play until I start playing them.😂

    This post is so helpful!☺️ I’ve also started learning to play a piano a few months ago.😃 I can play Perfect, Harry Potter Hedwig Theme, How Far I’ll go, Happy Birthday song, and a few more songs and I’m learning to play a few Hindi songs!😁

    Liked by 1 person

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