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reviewing: penguin isle!

Hi! How’s it going? 😀 ❤ Today I’ll be talking about my current favorite game: penguin isle!

I was looking for a new game to play that would be fun, cute, and entertaining. I browsed the app store and downloaded a few games. Within moments of playing this one, I couldn’t stop!! haha

my first penguin isle picture. humble beginnings haha

In this post, I’ll be sharing the pros and cons of Penguin Isle that I’ve discovered so far. There are screenshots I’ve taken giving you different views of my little island!

So, how’d I end up going with this game? Well one of my favorite movies growing up was Happy Feet! I also love tiny things, so having a bunch of cute penguins waddling around “in” my phone is super adorable to me. I’ll chat about the other pros of this game in my review! 😉

If you don’t care for penguins or find app reviews boring, it’s okay if you don’t want to read this post. lol alternately, if you really want to play the game, don’t read too much of my post! It may spoil some fun surprises for you. 😂 (I sure know how to give directions, huh)

Note: if you’re a developer of the game and this post violates copyright laws, please let me know and I’ll remove it! I’m not making any money from this post, it’s just supposed to be a fun review. However, if it’s legally unsound, I’ll take it down in a timely fashion.

penguin isle 🐧
my review!

part one: happy rambling, cute penguins
& funny moments

I was intimidated at first by the sheer amount of buttons and clickable things all over my tiny phone screen. lol but the tutorial was thorough and easy to follow, and I knew what to do afterward! Sometimes after tutorials I’m like 😳 #lost

my island at the beginning

Two of my favorite things about the game at first were the little flowers…

if I were him, I’d dance in ’em too

…and the campfire!

EEEE they so cute

Me when I walk in a room and forget what I went in there for:


Here are some cute chill moments, napping upright and swapping stories around the campfire.

vibin’ & thrivin’

Did you know penguins like hot springs?? 😀

look at that steeeeeam

And what’s this guy doing?

he doesn’t even know.

Can you fathom how AWESOME it is to be a penguin?

all you have to do is swim around and be cute!

Look at this one, waiting for his next customer:

they’re coming, buddy.

Then there’s Ameliana, my personal penguin friend, looking for something to do:

AND NOW! It’s time for ze pros and cons!

part two: pros & cons


  • the only ads in the game give you prizes! (other games will have that bar along the bottom, or ads that pop up and jumpscare you, lol. but this game doesn’t!)
  • it’s super cute. (always a plus in my book. speaking of my books 😏 loool)
  • the penguins look like they’re naruto running.

or falling off a cliff into the sea.

the hazardous life didn’t choose him; he chose the hazardous life
  • it’s very relaxing and fun. (I love how chill it is! it makes me feel peaceful 😎)
  • you can spend time leveling up all the fun stuff yourself! (some games make ya pay. this one doesn’t! so you can buy things to enhance the experience, but it’s not required.)
  • it’s fairly easy to learn how to play! (I already mentioned this but here it is again!)
  • it gives offline rewards! (at first I thought it didn’t, but it does! xD well for up to two hours of offline time. so check in now and then on your penguins 😉 )


  • it takes forever for the penguins to find the materials I need. (wahaaa ._. like pearls are not HARD to harvest bro)
like the shop’s cute and all,
but I can barely do anything with it yet
  • the pirate ship scared me the first time it rose from its watery grave. (you gotta see this, lemee show you)
but it actually gives me nice prizes haha
  • it takes a while to unlock other penguin flavors species. (I literally started typing ‘flavors’ ’cause I got distracted, then I had to leave it 🤣🤣)

so look what they finALLY LET ME UNLOCK

  • the game makes me level up one location for rewards, instead of splitting the tasks between all locations.

You wanna know what haunts my nightmares?

The penguin… flipperin’… fishing spot.

alright. so it is kinda cute. but imma TIRED of DEALING with it 😂

part three: finale pics

*stops writing this post to go collect money on Penguin Isle**comes back* 😂

legendary loading screen

Ahh traffic jams. Even penguins can’t avoid ’em.

the busy life of a penguin.

Alright one last picture. Guess what I got??


Hey you, thanks for reading! If you get this game or you made it this far, you’re a trooper. haha I hope you found this post fun and entertaining!

Which pic was your favorite? What’s your favorite game right now? Let’s chat in the comments!

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  1. AHHOOOHHAHHHHHHYAAAAA! (dunno what that was 😆) Penguin Isle looks so fun and cute to play! 🐧 Maybe I should try it out soon! And my favorite picture was DEFINITELY the baby!!

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